Supermarket Showdowns and Library Meet Cute Coming Up From New Stills for Episode 3 of Goblin

TGIF takes on new meaning for me for the next 7 weeks as tvN airs the fantasy drama Goblin on Fridays, and with the college football season done for the year then Saturdays is also devoted to another helping of Goblin in the weeks to come. The network dropped two sets of new drama stills for this Friday’s episode 3, one showing the Goblin and Grim Reaper having a showdown of sorts in a supermarket, and the other is adorable Duk Hwa meeting high schooler Eun Tak at a bookstore.

I don’t even know why the two roommates are going grocery shopping together but it’s sure to elicit plenty of snarky one-liners directed at each other. I haven’t discussed Yook Sung Jae‘s character yet but he’s also wonderfully entertaining, starting from his name Yook Duk Hwa being the Korean pronunciation of HK superstar Andy Lau’s name. He’s unafraid of either reaper or goblin and seems to go along with the flow masterfully. I hope there’s no love triangle with Eun Tak, leaving him playing the sidekick character to perfection.


Supermarket Showdowns and Library Meet Cute Coming Up From New Stills for Episode 3 of Goblin — 7 Comments

  1. I want that coat, goblin . Rather the coats n winter wear off k drama leads are just envy worthy. No matter how poor these characters get the best. Are they allowed to take all this for free after the shoot? How does it work in s Korea? Anyone who knows, throw light please.

  2. Wait. I just found out that Yoon Deok Hwa is pretty much Andy Lau in Korean pronunciation. This adds more fun to my watching experience XD Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!!

  3. A have a question we know that Grim Reaper has lost his memory, did he drink the Tea? That death people drink to forget their lives, if he did was on purpose or when he was human? What about the shaman lady one of three sister which one is dead because we saw her talking to ET when she was asking the lady ghost about her been the goblin bride. Too many questions?

    • Me too..also getting curious with the grim reaper..the ring owner seems to be the most important person for him..I guessed that he was the king in the previous life who decided to cut off goblin’s life..but I dont know..cant wait for the next episode..TGIF ??

      • Just saw episode 3 and have more questions about reaper and sunny, but something is for sure we ET is the Goblin Bride specially after this episode, dont want to spoil for those who hasnt seen it yet this episode yet, but wait until the last 3 min.

  4. I really like this drama. I can watch goblin, reaper and not so innocent dok hwa bicker on their mansion all day. it so cute.. KGE is cute too..
    I just hope the story stay interesting till finish.. *cross fingers

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