Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms Enchants with Visually Alluring Drama Stills

I’m legit relieved that the drama stills from the upcoming television adaptation of fantasy romance novel Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms looks genuinely pretty without veering into gaudy territory. The drama has finished filming with a schedule early 2017 air date which will come soon enough seeing as how time is whizzing by. Leads Yang Mi and Mark Chao play a god and goddess who experiences three lifetimes, i.e. reincarnations, of love, putting into perspective star-crossed or even couples with just one previous thwarted romance. I’m excited for Mark’s first drama in years and Yang Mi seems to be reclaiming some of her period drama spunk from the early days of Return of the Condor Heroes when she was just starting out.


Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms Enchants with Visually Alluring Drama Stills — 11 Comments

    • Yes, in terms of physique! I don’t know much about him. How’s his acting? Didn’t he win a big award something like Golden something something for his police role in a Taiwanese drama?

  1. Can’t wait to watch the drama and the movie version. They look so good, everybit as I pictured them to be. Then again, I did not read the book until I saw the pictures first….? What date is it airing?

  2. So Koala, are you still following up with C/T drama news? I’ve been watching Princess of Weiyoung and found it fun to watch, just ignoring some plot loopholes and super hilarious martial art magic. LOL
    The drama seems to be very popular given viewership on streaming sites.

  3. Looking awesome!! I can’t wait to watch it for Mark. Personally, I think he’s a hottie and I have pretty much enjoyed everything I have seen him in. Glad he’ll be in the drama.

    Not too excited for the movie version, in the same context as My Sunshine and Love 020. I couldn’t stand them.

  4. The only good casting is probably Feng Jiu :c I think liu yi fei suits this role way better than yang mi tho. Hopefully the movie and drama is gonna be good. This novel was amazing!

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