SBS Releases Nominees for Best Couple at 2016 Year End Drama Awards

I can’t believe the year end drama awards are right around the corner, I’m still enjoying the final offerings of this year rather than in previous years when I couldn’t wait for the next year dramas to arrive. Each network holds their own drama awards show with slightly different tweaks. SBS released its list of Best Couple nominees this weekend, giving a glimpse at what the network considers good chemistry. It’s basically the leads of SBS dramas that did well in ratings or critical reception – Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun in Legend of the Blue Sea, two couples from Incarnation of Jealousy in Jo Jung SeokGong Hyo Jin and the ladies Lee Mi SookPark Ji Young, Namgong Min and Mina for Beautiful Gong Shim, two sets of doctors in Park Shin HyeKim Rae Won for Doctors and Seo Hyun JinYoo Yeon Seok in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun in weekend drama Our Gabsoon, and last but not least bromance with Jang Geun Seok and Yoo Jin Gu in Jackpot (Daebak).


SBS Releases Nominees for Best Couple at 2016 Year End Drama Awards — 39 Comments

  1. I hope it will be JJS and GHJ of Incarnation of Jealousy. This drama was so good and original. I loved it. The start was weird but then it was really funny. And they had a great chemistry, I mean their kiss in the hospital was one of the best kiss scenes in 2016 o/

    • And their first night together. Hilarious!! “Lee Hwashin manse”…. his mouth says no but he proceeded to help her strip off her sweater and then his own. N after that, it was hot ! JJS is a fantastic kisser!

  2. JJS and GHJ deserve it but will go to JJH and LMH instead as they are the bigger stars. I am glad to see PSH and KRW in the nomination list as well, regardless of whatever Doctors was good or bad or both for you, the two had chemistry.

    • What??? Are you sure they are a bigger stars? LOL, GHJ & JJS now success both in drama and movie, their star power is not joke right now, they don’t need media play to gain success, and also their acting ability is five thumbs-up ?????

    • Well, I don’t decide these things, do I?? If it was up to me, Signal would be getting Daesang last year at Baksaeng, not DOTS. Popularity decides at the end of the day, so peace out.

    • Really? it will go to jjh and lmh, and you know this how? they are big stars yes but it is all about voting some of the others have bigger shipper followings than them please go vote for your favs because i don’t want to see comments like ‘because they are famous that is why they won’

      • Lee Min Ho is not my favorite, never was nor will he ever be but I would be completely oblivious to the wirld to question the size of the legion that worships him. On the contrary to your tirade @Margaret I really hope our Reporter couple wins so lets see.

    • Really?? Maybe it’s just me. I don’t feel their chemistry cos I felt PSH was still holding back in the kiss scenes. She had more chemistry with LJS in Pinocchio.

  3. Differently Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye, their chemistry brought the rate to where it was, all the buzz in the drama it was about them, very natural and realistic couple. Hope they win, they deserve, besides Park Shin Hye work very hard to promote the drama, the SBS did little, but so far it is the one that gave them the best rate for this year. Hope their hard work is recognized and valued.

  4. Bof ! Neither of them are best couples even if i loved some of theses dramas. I don’t see fantatic chemistry like Park shin Hye /Lee Jong Suk, Gong Hyo Jin / So JI Sub/Jo In Sung, Lee Min Ho / Park Min Young, Seo Hyun Jin / Eric,Jang Geun Suk/ Moon Geun Young, …

    • Definitely your list is my list for best chemistry ever in drama land. This year totally for Eric-Seo Hyun Jin chemistry but as we talk about SBS, I’ll choose Jo Jung Seok-Gong Hyo Jin.

  5. Unlike before SBS are giving out a few best couple awards now…. I think at least 4 couple will win: JJH-LMH, JJS-GHJ, PSH-KRW, YYS-SHJ
    Funny that ML fans made sbs putting their couple on the poll… Let’s see if they will give them the award

  6. the list sure is thought provoking – i wonder if the dark horse can pull out a sudden winner. Anyone knows when the award show will be ?

  7. Hah! I’m sure they’ll give the best couple not for one couple only. So, what the meaning of votes? lol. Anyway, The must win one is Jo Jung Suk/ Gong Hyo Jin. other than that, I don’t think any couple deserve it since they were/are lack of chemistry and sometimes looks trying too hard to look good together.

  8. JJS and GHJ got my one and only vote for Best Couple! and my one and only vote for Best Kiss also goes to their “You’re Bad – I Agree” kiss! That has gotta be the hottest, most passionate, and natural (non-cringing) kiss… like ever!? XD

    • Meh. I personally cringed a little. JJS did a great job as always but GHJ looked stiff and uncomfortable. Their most natural kissing was in their bed scene.

  9. @Gem calm down,i did not ask you if you like lmh or how much you don’t intend liking him ever, you sound like he has hurt you personally.
    This is a shippers voting,anyone with a dedicated shipper base can win it not fair to blame others and fyi he did not even win best couple with park min young even though they had the best chemistry,he only won with heirs and bof and the shippers in the two dramas are no joke.
    Don’t blame others if they win something when you are not intending to vote for your favs hard enough,doctors and moon lovers otp obviously have more shipper followings than the Lotbs couple anyone can win it.

    • Why are you so hyper all the time @Margaret, I meant I don’t care enough to like him, I have my reasons or not for that. And in no freaking way did I mean he has personally hurt my sentiments, how childish is it to say that when he is a famous actor from a different country. Can you not read what I’ve written. I’ve said exactly that. All shipper’s have fan base and he has a massive one at that along with JJH which makes it more probable for them to win. Its simple math. More fans equals more chance to win. Who the heck is blaming anybody here?? I frankly don’t care for the awards here as it means little to me.

  10. Your previous comments says differently,well to each his own i will still stand by my words everyone has a chance of winning it we can’t say for sure that jjh/lmh will win it because of there huge fan base
    And about lmh,yes we must not like the same people but it was very funny how you went off about not being his fan when I never even said you were or maybe I misunderstood that part of your comment.

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