J-ent Baby News Update: Horikita Maki Has Baby and Acting Couple Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu Expecting Second Child

Some good news to report from Japanese entertainment after the recent tabloid mess that led to the early retirement of a very popular actor. Taiwanese entertainment is entering the final leg of baby bump watch on quite a few actresses but over in Japan a new arrival made it before the end of 2016. J-actress Horikita Maki and her husband actor Yamamoto Koji reportedly welcomed their first child this week. The news was revealed when former SMAP member Shingo Katori spoke about his good friend Yamamoto Koji and his wife Horikita Maki having their baby. Maki was the shocker wedding of 2015 when she unexpectedly tied the knot with much older Yamamoto Koji after only a few months dating, and earlier this year in June they couple announced they were expecting their first child and Maki cut back on her entertainment activities. A big congrats to the couple!

The second baby news is an actual second baby on the way for married acting couple Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu. A big congrats to them, too!


J-ent Baby News Update: Horikita Maki Has Baby and Acting Couple Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu Expecting Second Child — 9 Comments

  1. Some people don’t like shun oguri personal life,but yeah as an actor he is awesome actor.
    dare to become ugly kappa,dare become evil,brat who love fight,police,detective conan,thief,mafia,high school and nobunaga,I cried a lot when I saw “women”,there something in him make him very fit to live action anime,even gintama make his parody and I am so happy he become gintoki in gintama. Nice revenge!

    • I agree… his acting has such a wide range and he has played all types of characters to really serious ones to comical ones. It’s always interesting to see what drama he’ll pick up next.

  2. Koala-san, why don’t you just mention Nari’s name?

    At least there’s some happy news from j-ent to end this year.
    Altough I’m sad about Nari, but for me better he retire than if he end up like Kimi Qiao.

    • Most likely she refer to Narimiya Hiroki’s drug accusation which led to his early retirement. Eventhough his urine test prove him clean, but the accusation still goes on and it seems to be his last straw to call it quit.

    • Let’s do a simple math: they married on August 2015, announced that they were expecting baby on june 2016 and have baby on December 2016.

      And unlike elephant who needs 22 months to concieve child, it take 9 months for human.

      This is why in every wedding announcement they always add that “and they currently they are not expecting baby”. Although some indeed married for baby, but doesn’t mean that all celebrity does.

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