Park Shin Hye Offered Lead Role in New tvN Drama by Kill Me Heal Me Screenwriter

This sounds like a promising match up even if the entire premise is yet to be revealed. Park Shin Hye has reportedly been offered the female lead role for an early spring 2017 tvN drama, which if she accepts will be her first cable drama role in four years since 2013’s Flower Boy Next Door. That drama was a turning point in her acting evolution, IMO, and I’d be thrilled if she accepted this next chance to work with tvN and a seasoned screenwriter to boot.

Offering Park Shin Hye the female lead role is screenwriter Jin Soo Won who wrote my faves Kill Me Heal Me and My Sister in Law is 19, but is best known for being the screenwriter of mega hit sageuk The Moon Embraces the Sun. Jin Soo Won’s next drama is called Chicago Typewriter and it has zero context for me so I can’t even begin to fathom what it’s about. But the name is cool, and if Jin Soo Won can make multiple personality disorder makjang drama KMHM work then she’s got my vote of confidence in her next drama.

Chicago Typewriter is slated to be a tvN Fri-Sat drama, following Tomorrow With You with Shin Mina and Lee Je Hoon, which takes over for Goblin. Directing will be the PD for On the Way to the Airport.


Park Shin Hye Offered Lead Role in New tvN Drama by Kill Me Heal Me Screenwriter — 57 Comments

      • I love LJK but he really needs some luck with his project. I hope 2017 will turn out very well for him.

      • I agree. When looking at most of the hit dramas of the year, both the leads were power house names…DOTS, Doctors Crush, W and the new sweetie pie coupling in MDBC. LJG quite often signs on to roles before the female lead is announced. I respect him for it because he’s going for the part, but he pays a price though I hope he never regrets Wang So.

        I’m totally cool with him and PSH together.

      • I agree totally.
        No doubt Wang So gave him a career boost but MLSHR was widely panned and it’s a bit sad that he is touted as the best thing out of a complete hot mess, though it’s incredible that he could rise above the mud.
        PSH been on a winning streak and I think she is a fine actress. Good solid rating is all he needs now to reward his talent.

    • After readind the last post of Koala ( Kim Hee Sun and Kim sun Ah pairing), i would like someday to see her acting with Yoon eun hye . Just imagining th├Ęses two actresses like Gong Yoo with Lee Dong Wook … What else !!!

      • YEH needs to get out and work on something first…
        It’s not easy to cast multi actresses in a projects compared to actors.
        Look at movies.. but we had AOY last year and WOD next year so there is hope.
        PSH is getting more roles that focus on her character instead of the male leads is a good sign. She deserves it.

      • Yeah…psh works very2 hard…after her movie hyung with jo jung seok, she has another movie to be filming this jan 2017, silent witness…she really work crazily..i just hope she gets enough and good rest for her health

      • @ Eclipse I wouldn’t say she works like crazy… She had a year and half break before June 2016 and normally does 1 drama and movie per year, which is quite average. Plus she was doing support roles in her previous movies too.

        There are a lot more people work more than her lol. LJS for example, he had 2 dramas and 1 movie this year and already confirm his next movie. Janghyuk are doing 2 dramas this year and another project in China before that.

      • @Ara yeah right, and yet their ratings suck? oh I’m sorry but she’s been in the industry for 13 years, i thinks she deserves a break? LJK, JH and many other actors take much longer breaks FYI! & Shin Hye worked even harder when she was younger! so stay quiet if you don’t have anything good to say! I don’t see you winning awards or Building schools for poor children!

      • @ Sara Lee Joon Gi (if that is who you mean by LJK since it works both ways) has done a drama a year since getting out of the military and one of those years also did the Chinese movie. I don’t see how he’s taking long breaks other than his military service. I don’t personally count fan meetings but they seem to take a few months of every year as well.

        I like PSH but am not enough of a fan to know what she’s doing always but seems she’s busy enough if not in a drama than in a movie. Heck I hope she’s enjoying her success and seeing the world and hanging out with a cute guy once in a while. She’s 26 and successful; I hope she’s enjoying the pay off of her hard work.

  1. She is still filming her movie until January so I doubt she would take it
    But they are good writer and PD who I wish she will work with
    TVN is a plus. FBND is still my favorite

    • Their schedules have been matching ever since Pinocchio. Taking break and filming dramas and movies at the same time.
      Guess their “friendship” is going well lol

  2. I hope the whole thing can put through but according to time, it’s hard to say, as her filming will be finished in Jan. If script writer can persuade and lobby her, will be great. Hope the production can accommodate her schedule seems Mar is a bit rush …pray hard

    • If she loves the project and if they really want to cast her, it can work. i’m happy for her fans . Hope you’ll enjoy her next drama and her co star !

      • For ur information, she’s not being offered the role…that’s why i just said it’s just a rumour so that people will be anticipating this drama…mayve you @yuki sh7d check it at dramabeans

  3. It was also a rumor about her casting with Choi Ming Shik in Silent Witness, so hoping this will turn out the same. Sounds like the people involved have great batting average so I will anticipate what the result will be.TVN have been churning out really interesting projects and most important part, a great drama and ratings, is what fans hope for PSH. Just appreciate that comments are supportive and gives her credit that she can carry a drama, do not be envious! more girl power! And Park Shin Hye is one name that gets that buzz as much as the male actors. I’m sure people who work with her feels the same way! And haha!! It seems like her productions receives the most food support from all over…..I’m sure the team loves that as well.

  4. Can’t wait to see my Queen PSH new drama. Who ever main cast actor will working with her will be the luck one because she’s pretty much get along with everyone she work with and some how they fall in love with her. Watching you PSH all the way from Washington State…Fifhting:) Im jeraman waj PSH

    • lol I’m her fan but this kind of comments…. I’m sure they like her because she is lovely but fall in love? It’s called acting

  5. She will need time after finish filming to get out of character before take another project. If the station is willing to wait, that will be a winning for them. Maybe end of February or beginning of March, she might be ready. Would love to see her pair with Kang Dong Won or Hyun Bin, and continuing to challenge herself. The most important, it is for her to take good care of herself before start new project. I miss her too, but….
    Such lovely,kind heart young woman, and getting prettier and sexier everyday, reason why many keeping falling in love with her.

  6. From what I read about PSH, it seems that people, both male and female co workers do fall in love with her because of her personality . Case in point, on 3MAD, the 3 guys plus PD can’t get enough of her, even Ji Sung sees her as a great wife material. I don’t know if other actors or actresses get the same exit interview from co workers but I read how impressed they are of her as a person. Some may fall in love with her romantically ,others like us fans just fall in love with her because of her personality.

  7. LJK need PSH. if he ever going have a good rating again. all his drama have bad lead actress. who cant be on par with his acting. just look at
    his drama with IU it was a mess. good thing that drama have so many idol that the chinese fan have a chance to see him shine in his role.

    now if he costar with PSH his fame in china will get even bigger.

  8. ahahahah o agree with you, LJK have a great acting and drama but the lead actress not so good, i think the good lead actress only Shin Min Ah in arang and magistre

  9. So its Kim soo hyun and park shin hye leads for Chicago typewriter who were unofficially in talk of this project… My dream pair ever… don’t know if we can have hope or its all are damn media play… But some instinct in me tell me its positive…

  10. Still have to Wait till February for my bae’s silence filming which will be ending soon…. Hope for her to have some break.. She’s working non stop from her hyung… Hope my bbg is doing well… As much as I want her to rest, I want her see in a drama too… Missing her soo much.. As for rumored leads for this project.. I am sure it will become a box office hot.. At least will touch 30% rating

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