Running Man to End Broadcast in February 2017 with Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook to Stay Until End with Rest of Cast

While not every long running show can hope to end on a high note, it takes a special snowflake to end in a self-created crash and burn. SBS‘s long running hit variety show Running Man isn’t just popular in South Korea, it’s well known and quite popular in other Asian countries and has more international awareness than most any other K-variety. It’s even spawned ¬†production approved location editions such as China’s Hurry Up Brother. The show wasn’t even on the last legs of appeal, yes the ratings have dropped in recent year and cast member Gary left, but it was nowhere near being put out of misery state.

That’s what makes this mind boggling production screw up that much more infuriating – last week it was revealed that cast members Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook were basically cut from the show without even the proper consideration or kindness for their years of hard work. Then when the inevitable blow back came, with Kang Ho Dong turning down the offer to join the show and fans screaming in outrage, the show tried to bring them back but the harm was done.¬†

Running Man is now confirmed to be ending broadcast come February of 2017, and Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook will stay on to finish the show with the remaining cast. Both will donate their pay to charity as a final middle finger to the production. Good for them but really sad about how RM is ending on such a negative note when it brought countless hours of enjoyment over the years.


Running Man to End Broadcast in February 2017 with Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook to Stay Until End with Rest of Cast — 13 Comments

  1. So sad seriously! RM is my favourite variety show and I couldn’t get into any other show as much as I enjoyed RM because even if they are funny they are not as competitive.
    There is also a revelation of the pd who gave the idea to fire them and a hashtag against him has started. I guess sbs took RM’s popularity for granted because of the low ratings but the audience sure had a fierce comeback.
    I will greatly miss this show. Thank you for always being there when I needed to watch something light and rejoice.

  2. cannot believe that the show is ending. so many great episodes and great chemistry between them all and the staff members is going to be hard to find something like this. was hoping to see more creative episodes in the future but that’s just a lost cause now. even though trains have been low doesn’t mean that they’re not all known, I mean just look at the response at their mistake.

  3. My favorite show going to miss all members when the show finally goes out of air. Amazing but Runningman instagram acct is full of anger people asking for Gong Hee Chul to fired as supposedly was the person who created the mess and decided to have KJK and SJH to be let go

  4. Well, loyalty doesn’t exist in this industry . Sad that a popular show end like this. Some of the most loved guests should come to the show to support the cast until the end !

  5. To be honest… surprised the show didn’t end sooner. It got really boring about 3 years ago and the domestic ratings show it too. Its more correct to say it was ‘once’ popular in South Korea… not so much now. If it wasn’t for the international interest in the show it would have been axed a few years ago.

  6. Kim Jong Kook is my fave Running Man member. It does not matter that the show has lost it’s magic touch lately but at least, RM could have done better by ending on a high note instead with such kind of clumsy scandal. I bet Gary has seen this coming and he took a smart move by leaving instead of being axed. It’s sad how the production team has total disregard towards the members who have been spectacular all the way. RM will always be my fave SK’s variety show.

  7. running man pd ruin this show when they didnt invite KJK back for s2. they could o without the woman. th min KJK was left off in s2 is the min this show end. he bring so much fun to the show.

  8. I was some more hoping that Song Jong Ki will be able to come back to RM but now the show will be cut off soon same with the hope that I am holding on…so sad but as what the line of the song goes..some good things never last. I’m just going to enjoy it while it is still airing. I will miss the cast as well as the enjoyment that they bring. Thank you for the hours of laughter it surely made me laugh to my heart’s content. God bless them all.

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