Jeon Ji Hyun Waits for in the Department Store for Lee Min Ho in New Episode 11 Stills for Legend of the Blue Sea

This week’s episodes of Legend of the Blue Sea will hopefully build on the fantastic last two episodes, heralding a connective thread and emotional sincerity breakthrough for Lee Min Ho‘s Joon Jae. It follows from the two episodes prior where Jeon Ji Hyun‘s Shim Chung understood her peril and mortality on land and chose to stick with love, following her similar decision to come on land in the first place to find Joon Jae.

I still think both are doing more to sell their romance and character motivations that Park Ji Eun’s limited background narrative has created, and as an audience member I also need to stretch to fully embrace the emotional longing that tinges the story with the inevitable. New stills are out showing Shim Chung at a department store, further connecting Seoul with Spain as we hope that she finds Joon Jae, or vice-versa, soon and for good. Keeping these two together yields the best parts of the drama.

The production also released official stills of Joon Jae meeting his Joseon self Dam Ryung in his dreams, one of the best visually arrayed scenes in the drama so far.


Jeon Ji Hyun Waits for in the Department Store for Lee Min Ho in New Episode 11 Stills for Legend of the Blue Sea — 11 Comments

  1. I love the lighter part to the picture
    The shots are beautiful
    I’m liking where the story is now – they shouldn’t drag the seperation angst between the two and keep the funny.

  2. I was always watching lmh’s drama and jjh’s movie and her last drama…so this is the first time I stopping watching lmh’s drama even after only watching 1 episode that was said breaking record and beat dots (but after that,tating only stick at 16-18 %….shameful for hallyu star cast….
    After that I only slightly read recap but still didn’t get something good with this drama…
    Lmh and jjh didn’t have chemistry and the story only like mediocre drama….in my opinion Sbs force to airing this drama this year without good screening and preparation..and the result ? Even after ep 10 this drama can’t beat rating RDTK that have solid cast and story…LOL

    • Shameful is a strong word and inappropriate here.

      16-18% is a good performance but it’s just not spectacular like DOTS’s was nor did it meet expectations. This drama is Lee Min Ho’s comeback after a rather long absence. It’s also anticipated because it’s JJH’s first drama after becoming a mother. In those aspects, it’s a huge disappointment that it can’t even hit 20% despite having no heavyweights to compete against.

    • Kinda agree with you!!! The writer wasted her great cast…lotbs is just a light and easy to watch drama… nothing extraordinary

  3. with all the hype this drama sux. JJH have to bring her aCting to LMH levl cuz he sux. just look at the different between this drama N MLFTS.

  4. @bina you haters are trying so hard,i don’t care if you think this drama sucks but Lee min ho just proved to you haters how much of a good actor he is,he owns his character and now that the lead actress is not overshadowing him you claim she brought her acting to his level LMAO what a pathetic statement!
    All this people who are so obsessed with Lotbs rating should take a chill pill even those that have never watched or dropped in episode 1 wanting to have an opinion,having 18 percent in ratings is no flop! get over your bitterness or an actor you don’t even know personally.

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