K-drama Casting – Hyun Bin Offered City of Stars and Ji Chang Wook Considering The Happiest Time of My Life

The drama gods are generous with not one but two possible drama casting news this week. First up is current news hot stuff Hyun Bin, out promoting his new movie Cooperation with Yoo Hae Jin and revealed to be dating actress Kang Sora. This drama casting news makes it a three-fer, and a much needed olive branch for drama fans waiting for Binnie to return to the small screen to wipe away the detritus of Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Hyun Bin has been offered the male lead role in 2017’s sci-fi drama City of Stars from movie director Jang Jin‘s first drama foray. He’ll be playing a pilot turned astronaut in a future time when there is a competition for space exploration to obtain depleted natural resources for Earth. It’s unclear if the drama will actually send the story into space or just be about the international intrigue and race to get up there. It’s scheduled to be fully pre-produced with filming to start in spring of 2017.

Aside from Binnie, Ji Chang Wook is also making K-drama casting news this week with word that he’s been offered The Happiest Time of My Life. The drama is from the pen of the screenwriter who did Secret (Secret Love) and Mask, so clearly the title is either ironic or the screenwriter is branching out. The drama will also be pre-produced to start filming next year, and Ji Chang Wook’s agency has confirmed he received the offer but its among many offers he’s currently assessing.


K-drama Casting – Hyun Bin Offered City of Stars and Ji Chang Wook Considering The Happiest Time of My Life — 17 Comments

  1. Very interesting sci-fi concept, considering how global warming is affecting Earth. I will have to consider this drama since its totally branching out of the norm for Kdramas.

  2. Space theme is usually boring even on big screen. 2 hours watching experience top for sure. The premise surely is interesting on paper but I have every reason to worry over the execution. First, how far could they go with complicated science fiction theme like this or it would just serves as a backdrop for the romance and ordinary life struggle? Second, this genre certainly needs huge budget otherwise it would look like a cool drama wannabe and cheap? And third, idk who actually have the stomach to watch astronaunt in action and bluff over technical terms for 16 episodes? Until i am proven wrong, I think this is a receipe for disaster.

    • I am feeling bored already while reading your comment just thinking about the possible scenario. Yes, we don’t want to watch kdramas for space explorations and to gather infos on the amount of water in mars right.

    • +1 Agree

      The only space theme movie that I love is “Gravity”. “Interstellar” and “The Martian” which both ran for more than two hours totally bored me. So imagine if we are going to be fed with this whole space things for 16 episodes. No, this project is far too ambitious.

  3. I’m still sobbing at the wreckage that was my Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won ship. I hope this drama is more successful than Hyde, Jekyll, Me. From the title of The Happiest Time of My Life, it finally seems like Ji Chang Wook is branching out from his usual action thriller dramas. I was worried he was being typecasted.

  4. I think JCW wants to have his last drama be something other than action before he heads into the military. Can’t believe he’s already considering jumping into another one so soon after K2. I still haven’t finished the last 5 episodes of that one.

    Glad HB isn’t staying away from dramas forever. Yes, HJ&I was a mess but it wasn’t his fault.

    I enjoyed Mask until the last episodes where it just kind of fell apart for me. Secret isn’t my cup of tea.

    • And so I thought he would be enlisting right after K2, not that I am complaining. But then Yoo Ah In is a year older and he is yet to enter the army.

      I think JCW would like to end his career pre-MS with a high note. It’s a good thing for him to distance himself from the action genre. That would make him even more versatile. His career is surely on fire now that he is receiving plenty of offers (happy for him) while I am slowly dying to hear the last casting news of my beloved LJK. Sigh.

      I hope Hyun Bin won’t accept this offer. This is a total theoretical project and very risky. Idk if we Asians really have the capacity to pull off this kind of genre. I would rather it be City of K-pop Stars. At least it would be more realistic and a success if they get it right.

    • Isn’t she in talks with another drama that sounds more interesting. Th├Ęses dramas seems to be male centeric . Please !i hope that the return of Yoon Eun Hye in 2017 will not be with Hyun Bin.

  5. I just don’t have much confidence in Asian made sci-fi, mainly bcos of cheap CGI that makes settings so fake.

    I’m excited about the possible new drama of JCW. He’s been doing so well so far. Hopefully he is able to keep up with the momentum before his MS.

  6. I wil watch hyun bin in anything. Can i dream a bromance with kim soo hyun here? City in star and my love from another star seems have connection between the two.. missing these two actors in dramaland. My dream actresses should be yoon eun hye and park shin hye.. my screen will explode with the beauties..lol

  7. JCW has to make hay while he can. I hope his next drama is a success. It seems like his true love is singing. Hope he follows what Yunho has done, and stay active singing while he is in the military. Also hope, he doesn’t serve in the Military Police branch, they seem to have way to much time on their hands…could we call it cushie….even?

    YEH, has always been an all time favorite of mine. I haven’t always agreed with her choices, but then who am I to judge this hard working young lady. She is so darn talented in so many different areas, it is a bit scary. It must be so hard choosing a drama, she excels in comedy and love triangles. We should have a contest to see who we think she has the most chemistry with….there are a few who, I believe, would suit her just fine.

    Thank you for this site.

  8. Sci-fi is tricky to pull off, hope Hyun stays away from it.

    JCW, is such a cutie pie, I’d like to see him in a drama that is a sophiicated, romantic comedy. One where they stick with each other through thick and thin. It might be nice if his Healer co-star and he could find a good script. They sure had the chemistry.

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