Descendants of the Sun and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds OTPs Confirmed to Attend 2016 KBS Drama Awards

The attendee list is out for what is likely to be the splashiest of the three prime time network year end drama awards shows thanks to two huge hit dramas. The KBS 2016 Drama Awards will be graced with the attendance of both sets of OTP stars from it’s two highest rated prime time dramas of the year – Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo from Descendants of the Sun will be there, as will the youngsters Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung from Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Also coming is big name veteran Park Shin Yang from the drama Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho, which likely means Kang Sora will be there. The only other high profile KBS drama from 2016 was Uncontrollably Fond but it ended up being a ratings disappointment so no word on whether Kim Woo Bin or Suzy will be there, but I hope they come and get some recognition for doing a nice job overall.

I do wonder who will win the Daesang. Park Shin Yang is the veteran and networks always respect the veteran about all else, but then again DotS was a seminal hit drama in terms of invigorating the ratings. But if the Daesang goes to one of the DotS leads, which one should win? Both carried equal share in acting, screen time, and narrative weight, it’s going to be hard for the network to pick one and not offend the other.


Descendants of the Sun and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds OTPs Confirmed to Attend 2016 KBS Drama Awards — 19 Comments

    • They can. KBS gave 2 daesang last year. So, probably song-song will get award. Park Shin Hyang and Park Bo Gum can share top excellence too, or PBG will get the excellence award. But it will leave Kim Woo Bin won’t get award for excellence award, because Uncontrollably Fond is in the same category with MDBC.

  1. My vote for daesang at KBS is Park Bo Gum. I think Lee Jong Suk will win daesang at MBC while I am hoping for Lee Jun Ki to bag the daesang at SBS, even though I know the strongest contender is either Han Suk Kyu or Jo Jung Seok.

  2. Park Shin Yang isn’t really any more a veteran than SHK is, though. And she has ratings on her side. Though he has a S2 of his drama on his side. Either way, it should be one of the two. Though I want SHK to win it. She’s more than deserving. I can see them giving it to Song Song together, but she has to win it. It’s ridiculous if she doesn’t tbh.

    I don’t think SJK would be the slightest bit offended if SHK won over him. He’d probably want it that way. They are too good of friends and too supportive of each other to care either way.

  3. I really want SHK to win the Daesang. Aside from the fact that she acted well, DotS is the highest rated drama of KBS not just in 2016 but also of the decade so far. Hitting 38% nationwide and 41% in Seoul was insane. She also had given KBS their most memorable dramas of all time: Autumn in my Heart and Full House.

    BTW, I recently watched a video in Iqiyi, saying that 2 out of 5 judges voted for her as Best Actress last Baeksang Awards. She was beaten by Kim Hye Soo by one vote only. I`m okay with it because Signal is super good but she must win Daesang with KBS Drama Awards or alongside with SJK

    • It’s dots lead stars who deserves the question bout it…only if KBS will be FAIR enough in judging…dots won so many pristegious awards not only in Korea but KBS jurors pls be fair this time….

  4. So it’s safe to say there’s no BM in the nominees and cast attendance? The drama is a gem but we know KBS threat it like a thrash.

    • lol no need to be salty…. I mean this is big 3 we are talking about and they rely on ratings over anything, not just KBS.
      No matter how much you think the drama is great low rating is like failure to them. Why should they give the dramas awards?
      Same with CBM in SBS… We can think they are better than DOTS but ratings speaks and it didn’t do well so it likely won’t get anything at SBS award either

      • I don’t say anything about DOTS or downgrade the drama. Or saying any drama is better than the others. I just want they to spread the love and not to treat a quality and well act drama even with low rating like trash. FYI I watch all DOTS, Moonlight and Lawyer Jo even rooting for PSY for Daesang. I can feel salty or bitter or anything bc it’s what human do.
        You said it for yourself and make it clear. How upsetting to hear that Korean big 3 only care about rating and not quality? Even I’m already know that for years. That’s why sometimes their awards being a joke.

    • It’s odd that in the US awards are often given to obscure productions that few see, but Korean awards are almost totally based on ratings/popularity. I’ll never understand not giving actor awards based on acting.

      @Yoeda I can’t remember where I read it, but I did see that the writer for Beautiful Mind won some kind of award for the production. I thought at the time it was to make up for cutting the show so MDBC could get out of the gate a bit quicker (because that is what I think went on). I think behind the scenes, they kind of take care of their own when they know it is deserved. It else I like to think that.

  5. The couple Shin Hye Sun and Sung Hoon in Five Children had a lot of success, it’s just it was a week-end drama. I wonder if they will win something.

  6. No offense for other good actors, veteran or new, but IMHO, Daesang for SHK, I believe no one wuld mind ^^ SJK in particular. He’ll probably be ecstatic if they won best couple category and receive together, like he said ^^

  7. It’s time for Hye Kyo to win the Daesang.

    SK award-giving bodies are so conscious with the idea that they should not base their results on popularity. I think it is in their cultural disposition to be pretentious that they are “quality-based”. Even K-netz opinions are obviously a result of decades of brainwashing that one cannot be popular, beautiful and talented all at the same time..

    Song Hye Kyo received the short end of the stick for many times just because her works are popular that’s it’s becoming unfair, and SHK herself became more and more indifferent with the system. It’s time to give everyone their due – a well-deserved recognition of a fine performance of a dedicated actress.

    Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung will have their time. They were good, they will get better projects that will showcase their best abilities.

  8. Maybe when SHK will do a drama at 50/60 years old, with wrinkles and all, these jurors will understand that we don’t watch SHK for her beauty but because her acting the character she played made impact in our lives.

    Maybe by then, they’ll give her the Daesang. I don’t want to wait that long, but I will if I have to.

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