Kim So Yeon Abruptly Drops Out of Weekend Drama Father is Strange

There’s a sudden casting shakeup over at KBS mere days after casting confirmation for upcoming weekend drama came out. Weekend drama Father is Strange (Dad is Weird) just got its leading lady Kim So Yeon abruptly, with her side citing personal reasons for bowing out of this family ensemble drama. The production is scrambling to recast her role but the other leads remain confirmed with Lee Joon, Jung So Min, and also the addition of Ryu Soo Young. I don’t know why Kim So Yeon really dropped out but the casting carousel is not unheard of with K-dramas, maybe she was not ready for another long weekender after doing Happy Home earlier this year, the drama that got her together in real like with costar Lee Sang Woo

Kim So Yeon’s role is of the older sister in the family, with Jung So Min playing the younger sister. I would think Oh Yeon Seo would be great for the role except she’s currently filming My Sassy Girl with Joo Won. Father is Strange is from the screenwriter of Trot Lovers, Ojakkyo Brothers, You’re All Surrounded, and Be Strong Geum Soon, the last of which is one of the best K-drama sitcoms ever while Ojakkyo is still beloved as one of the most popular weekend dramas in years past.


Kim So Yeon Abruptly Drops Out of Weekend Drama Father is Strange — 5 Comments

  1. I did think it was strange how she was willing to do a long weekend drama right after the last one.

    They should cast Im Joo Eun now. *wishful thinking*

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