Sweeping Period Romance C-drama General and I With Wallace Chung and Angelababy Premieres this January 3rd

New year and the first C-drama out of the gate is the splashy romance period piece General and I, adapted from the popular C-novel A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated. I think the casting is on point with period drama leading man veteran Wallace Chung playing the patriotic general and prince with Angelababy as the whip smart damsel sometimes in distress. She’s constantly in danger but almost always uses her intelligence to figure out a solution so I give her a pass for looking like a typical woman in peril in the previews and stills. Wallace has proven chemistry with a slew of C-actresses┬áso as long as this pair sells their star-crossed romance convincingly then this should be an entertaining enough drama to check out.

Trailer for General and I:

Theme song MV for General and I:


Sweeping Period Romance C-drama General and I With Wallace Chung and Angelababy Premieres this January 3rd — 13 Comments

  1. I need something since Princess Weiyoung has completed its run. DF got this one, and I’m happy they seem to be getting more of the historical C-Dramas. I’m in.

  2. So looking forward towards to this drama. Just recently finished the novel and enjoyed it. Wallace Chung is perfect for the role of the General. Honestly, I think Angelababy can do justuce to the heroine.

  3. I am so stoked with the coming of this drama.
    Just recently finished reading the novel and I love it so much!
    Can’t really comment regarding the actors and their capabilities since this will be one of my first c-novel period drama.

  4. Please tell me that Angelababy has learn to act. This is one of my fave c-novel. Although I imagine the lead to be someone tall and muscular, I don’t doubt Wallace’s acting chops
    I’m working in aesthetics area, and angelababy’s face continue to distract me

  5. Whoever made the posters in the beginning was obviously a graduate from the Moon Lovers School of Extreme Close-ups. Not a good thing.
    Will watch anyway though, I hope it’s good.

  6. I think the novel persistently mentioned Bai Ping Ting (Angelababy) is average in her appearances. Looking at other female characters, seems that is not to be the case.

  7. I hope Angelababy can do justice to BPTs character….her acting is too wooden for me…..Song in The Clouds is a let down

  8. I’m really enjoy reading the novel, I hope they didn’t change the characters or storyline so much like the other drama that just finish airing (^___^ you know what I mean)

  9. Bai Gu Niang Role, I feel in need of a actress who is better in crying. I am already at EP 25 and at times I feel like crying for her lol

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