Misaeng Screenwriter Doing Modern Version of Bride of the Water God with Filming Scheduled for February 2017

Iโ€™ll believe it when I see it has been my approach with the long discussed K-drama adaptation of this well known manhwa, but then 2016 made a K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin a reality and succeeded in producing two incredibly ambitious dramas with Descendants of the Sun and Goblin. The upcoming tvN drama version of fantasy gods and goddesses romance Bride of the Water God is reportedly commencing filming in February of 2017 and will finish casting in January for this sprawling saga. Adapting the popular manhwa will be the screenwriter of Misaeng, which was itself adapted from a mahwan. Screenwriter Jung Yoon Yung also wrote Arang and the Magistrate which bodes will for her adapting Bride of the Water God with its fantasy and dark thematic elements. This version will be modernized with the setting moved to present day Seoul but keeping the character and narrative schematic.

For those who have read the source manhwa, I tried my best but couldn’t get past a few chapters, which K-actor and actress would be suitable for the lead roles?


Misaeng Screenwriter Doing Modern Version of Bride of the Water God with Filming Scheduled for February 2017 — 77 Comments

  1. I could see them casting a Hallu star for this. The writer and PD is pretty impressive and so is the original source material.

    I personally want Kim Soo Hyun and either Moon Chae Won or Park Shin Hye. I could see that being this year’s Goblin in terms of mad success and crazy high ratings. But that surely depends on the production and definitely casting.

  2. Thank goodness Suzy has already got a project coming up – I could get behind Moon Chae Won or Yoon Eun Hye but it would be nice to see a new face. Lee Sun Bin is one I think will make it big in the next few years but I doubt she has the time or would be considered for this. Moon Geun Young? Not a fan but she’s got the chops and the star power.

    • yes. When i first heard about this i thought of Jiwon immediately, as for Habaek i imagined Yoo Seung Ho, but Kim Soo Hyun wouldn’t be a bad choice. Hopefully he’ll pick a project before his military service.

    • Yes i think so, kim soo hyun or lee jong suk as ha baek and kim ji won as the female main cast. Kim ji won has very amazing acting in dots and the heirs. She also have incredible natural beauty.

  3. Omg I loved this manhwa. For me the best water god is Kang Dongwon. I swear the man looks exactly like him. It would be awesome if he did a kdrama again. As for the lady lead, I would love to see Kim Ji Won.

    It kinda makes me sad that it would be modernized. This would be such a beautiful historical drama. The art is amazing. A modern setting might take away the magic.

  4. I am a huge fantasy fan and both Mirror of the Witch and Goblin have/are letting me down. Goblin is fun, but I expected a much more layered story. I liked both Misaeng and Arang and The Magistrate so I’ll cross my fingers regardless of who gets the roles. I am a little more skeptical of expecting high ratings for a fantasy drama….I think Goblin’s are due to casting, a lighter than expected story and a popular writer.

  5. I need more detailed on the story especially if they are gonna change the setting to modern. So if you ask me for casting, when you say Arang writer and modern world I’ll throw LJG lol Female lead MCW, they’re in the same agency might as well get them closer hehehe Anyway, I am mostly randomly throwing names since like I pointed out, I am not familiar with that manhwa.

  6. I love Misaeng. I love the cast. This time I hope they pick an age appropriate cast. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Yoo Jung’s, So Hyun’s and Sae Ron’s but it’s getting a little uncomfortable watching them on screen with someone twice their age. There’s a lot of talented actresses out there worthy of playing a lead.

  7. Lee Jun Ki and Lee Sung Kyung. She has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen and he is the perfect figure who looked like he just stepped out directly from a manhwa.

  8. yoon eun hye please. she could transform into any character and have chemistry with a rock. Really hope 2017 will bring great luck to her. She’s so talented and it seems her acting career is wasted by drama or film that didn’t do her justice. for male lead, it’s anybody that could really act.

  9. Idk if I want KSH to be in this like some suggested, I don’t want him to play a nonhuman character again, I want something new from him as a fan, but the premise of this story sounds interesting, I’ll be tuning in ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Modern day Seoul? Fantasy genre? With the writer of Misaeng and Arang? and filming schedule for February? AND TO BE BROADCAST BY TVN???!!


  11. Lee Jun Ki with either Han Hyo Joo or Park Bo Young.

    I like the first half of the manhwa but kinda lost interest in the middle. I hope this will be good since fantasy is one of my favorite genre.

    • Oh I forgot uri Bok Joo…. She’d make a pretty good pair with Joon Ki. I would also want Kang Hana as one of the Goddesses.

  12. Honestly the reason I love this comic and wait this drama because I want see how they adapt the comic in the real one,remember how epic and beautiful the background setting with classic dress and classic style hairdo which blown with wind (they can take goryeo style like moon river style),because if they do it in modern setting, it will be the other goblin drama. And I hope they not wrong choose actor and actress,remember not only their face and character is very strong even it just a comic picture.

  13. Lee Jun Ki is a sageuk veteran and what could be better with him starring in a drama originally a sageuk yet moved to modern setting. Gosh, he looked so dashing and dapper in tuxedo at the recent SBS Drama Awards. My pick for female lead is Nam Ji Hyun. Fresh face and she surely can act. And I am really curious how they are going to incorporate the fantasy element with this modern setting. We are dealing with Gods and Soah is a sacrificial offering. I hope it’s not going down to the path of 50 Shades of Grey.

  14. If this is a prominent project for tvN , I won’t be surprised if they manage to nab some huge names to star in the project. Think Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Gum, Kim Soo Hyun…maybe even Kang Dong Won! After scoring with Jeon Do Yeon and Gong Yoo, I’m starting to believe they can get almost whoever they want.

  15. Just get talented actors who are not underage please (and by that I mean 18 international age)

    Lee Jun Ki would be perfect, this is not even a full sageuk so he’s not repeating genres. But if he refuses, I think Park Bo Gum could be ideal if they cast younger.

    For the female lead I think Lee Sung Kyung or Kim Ji Won would be perfect. Ryu HwaYoung is busy with a different drama, she has potential too.

    But I’m ok with whoever they pick as Soah and Habaek as long as they have chemistry.

  16. For a younger couple in the leads, I think Yoon Doojoon and Jo Bo Ah would be an interesting choice. Both are talented and good at both drama and comedy, they would make a stunning couple visually.

  17. “This version will be modernized with the setting moved to present day Seoul but keeping the character and narrative schematic”

    So doesn’t it mean that the plot will be like “Goblin” ? Gods/goddess & the sacrifice as the background story to ignite the plot which actually happened in the present time ?

    I hope the offer extended to Eric & YEH. They’re long overdue to be paired in a project ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And not to be mentioned that YEH needs good project (good scriptwriter) for her comeback project ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Really ? It’s too bad since I love to see them together (err… I mean on screen lol) considering their chemistry on Xman

    • I would like too, but why do i think that she seems to be persona non grata. Really hope that she would have good luck this year. She deserves that. I need to see her soon , I miss her so much.

    • @cahill, Yoo Eun Hye didn’t do any criminal. I don’t understand why korean hates her that much. I hope she’ll back soon with good project. I wanna see her paired with one of my baby. Hyun Bin, Lee Jun Ki, Jo In Sung or Eric. I think she needs to comeback in cable channel first. TVN is the best choice for that. And Eric is TVN darling, so he’ll be the best choice. In fact, many still waiting their collaboration. So, I think this will be the safe way for her.

      • Exactly @Klopoy, I don’t understand this “campaign” about Korean viewers hate her bla bla while in fact Korean portal still posting her news regularly (which didn’t always translated by English blog). Her name’s also still being mentioned on several polls. So IMO she’s still newsworthy.
        What I know is that there some antifans who are very vocal in putting her name down by posting negative comments on her articles. Maybe that’s why she’s staying low these years.
        And yes I agree with you she should tried cable channel (especially Tvn) for her vomeback project since she’s been disappointed by big TV stations before.

      • To @ Klopoy, don’t misunderstand me . I am a huge fan of YEH since her Xman days. I had a lot of unkind comments for denfending her in this blog. I want a good comeback and to see her in dramaland (cable) every year ! It’s just that i still have the feeling that she’s treated unfairly.

  18. well i read it right now and the character looks like yoo rachel in the heirs..kim ji won face is a lot similar..she is a great actress and finally she would have her first lead in dramaland for a male lead i can’t think who i would want..

    • Chae Soo Bin is already busy with Rebel Hong Gil Dong opposite Yoon Kyun Sang, it’ll clash with this drama’s planned filming since it only airs in early Feb.

  19. I really like Kim Ji Won but in DOT I was disapointed by her kiss scenes, it was a little bit weird to watch.

    I have no idea about this story but I really likes Miseang and Arang so I’m curious !

  20. I think Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun / Kim Bum / Lee Won Geun / Lee Soo Hyuk will be a good pairing.
    And i searching bride of water god and i see So Ah character (habaek’s bride) looks like Kim Ji Won tho.
    So Kim Ji Won for me!

  21. I want park hae Jin as the main lead god, with his looks and type of acting. He completely fit that role for me. As for the female lead, someone like IU or jung somin, innocent but very pretty. I want Han ga in, but she is too old for that role of a young girl. I can’t wait for this shit!!! Love this manhwa so much! Hope we don’t flop like *cough* *cough* c…h…ee…s…e inthetrap.

  22. If just from the face (no more),I think kim jaejoong (but sadly he have so much tatoo),chaming (he not yet finish military service), maybe yoo seung ho or lee soo hyuk.
    For soah, I think Nana after school (she very good in good wife) or seo ji hye( I like her in jealousy incarnate),or han hyo joo.

  23. I read this manhwa long time ago and even though i didn’t finish cause there was no translation and the story really dragged later on. But one thing for sure the drawing is so beautiful. Like many i’m sad that they decided to modernize the story, the historical and fantasy elements would look so pretty and mesmerizing. I guess they’ll keep the premiere, with a girl become the water god’s bride which is still interesting to me. Plus it’s Misaeng writer, if anything i think i can have some hope for a decent and meaningful script?
    Anyway, as for the cast, from the start, I imagines Kim Ji Won as Soah(back then because of her look/hairstyle) but even now i still think it fit her. As for Habaek, i’d thought of Yoo Seung Ho at first, i just had soft spot for him you know ^^, but really Kim Jiwon needs to get back to dramaland soon! DOTS is over King Kong ent!

    • oh i just remember YSH is having his historical drama so unlikely he’d take this project.. so maybe Bogum? like really i just want Bogum and Jiwon to happen ><

  24. saw in twitter just now

    – K-Drama News! โ€@kdrama_news 12m12 minutes ago
    #NamJooHyuk offered role in tvN’s upcoming drama ‘Bride of the Water God’ (a remake from webtoon)

    * now question is who will be the leading actress – he’s only 22 so they’re probally get a younger actress or a little older than him

    • wow, not a bad pick. i’m really liking him on Weightlifting Fairy. But if they’re going that young then maybe Kim Saeron, Kim Jiwon, Kim Yoojung??

    • YES! I just checked naver too! I can’t believe they’d offer it to him (I thought they wanted some huge name) but I’m super happy! Love him to pieces recently. Would it be too much to ask for him and Lee Sung Kyung? This would make my year!

    • I like him in Weightlifting Fairy but is he ready for lead roles (where the girl isnt the centre of the story) yet…..?

      I just hope they get a talented actress. Lee Sung Kyung would be beautiful but I won’t mind if they get someone like Kim Ji Won or Nam Ji Hyun if they go for actors close in age to him.

      • I think Joon Hyung is just as much the centre of the story as Bok Ju is in the drama. Their love story is the focal point mostly. But really, who knew LSK would be this good before weightlifting fairy?

        We gotta give everyone a chance specially when they have shown obvious talent and skills. NJH has been nothing short of fantastic in his current drama and has continuously been improving so until I see him fail, I think this is pretty exciting prospects.

    • I like him in WF Kim Bok Joo but I think that genre is pretty light as compared to Bride of Water God. I am not underestimating him but I do not know whether he actually possess the acting chop to carry a role that is more dramatic. But it seems Nam Joo Hyuk’s career is on fire. I was expecting Ji Soo to get more leading man offers than him because Ji Soo comparatively has wider acting range except his adorable dorky side seems to become a stumbling block for him, which somewhat is an upperhand for NJH.

  25. Love him to pieces in Weightlifting Fairy. Im glad if I can get to see him again on screen that soon. hopefully they get gelling fun cast, not just the leads but the supporting also. Love Kim Bok Joo cause of the insane chemistry.

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