Aaron Yan Goes Solo Camping in the Pages of Cosmopolitan Taiwan

It’s a treat adoring an entertainer like Aaron Yan since he always has something to offer. He’s basically active all year round split between his acting and singing career. The former was pretty shaky when he first dipped a toe in but has since seen marked improvement that is less future award winning acting god and more delivering the emotional goods while looking really handsome onscreen. That may sound like contradictory praise but I really do like his brand of self-aware earnest appeal.

Aaron doesn’t have any new dramas lined up after doing Refresh Man on SETTV, not to mention a falling out with the network, though he’s got the C-movie Past Lovers with Kim So Eun. He’s also insanely popular with the network demographics and Refresh Man along with both his earlier dramas Just You and Fall in Love with Me brought in solid ratings. He’s perfectly suited for idol dramas, always giving it his all and having lots of fun doing it. Just like this latest pictorial for Cosmopolitan Taiwan which aims for a playful solo tent outing vibe.


Aaron Yan Goes Solo Camping in the Pages of Cosmopolitan Taiwan — 9 Comments

  1. He is acutely self aware to the point that he sometimes goes a bit overboard with his criticism. I do agree to some of the points he raises at times but shoving harsh criticism on the face of people/production you have worked with over facebook posts is hardly the way to go. He and Joanne Tseng rocked it, I hope I see them on a drama or movie soon.

    • I agree. I think being honest and straightforward is good and I know Aaron just want the Taiwanese dramas to improve but he should be…hm…more subtle. He can get his points forward without dragging other people along with him, like Joanne Tseng. (although he has apologized to her already) He also seems to have forgotten that his H.I.M labelmates Melvin Sia and Hong Shi from PopuLady are still filming for Sanlih which makes everything very awkward for all of them after this big conflict/war between him and Sanlih.

  2. He is a really smart guy. I love him very much . I love you always Aaron yan . I love your drama fall in love with me I really like this drama.

    • I have just read bits about it so I’m not sure I’m getting everything right. Apparently Aaron has been unsatisfied with the working environment at Sanlih, how the actors don’t have fully written scripts (most dramas in Taiwan is filmed while airing but Sanlih is know for being very “on” that is the recent aired episode is for example filmed a few days ago) and they also make empty promises. Aaron also expressed that they are sloopy with their production in the way that they don’t make things convincing eg. no extravagant car or home although he is portraying a CEO/rich man and sometimes he even had to bring along his own clothes, accessories etc. to make his character more convincing although it should be the job of Sanlih.

  3. I admire Aaron Yan for his acting skills, and obviously for his good looks ! Since I recently discovered him, I watched all his movies.I wish him an awesome acting career and hope to see his future movies in Canada!

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