Preview and New Grim Reaper as King Stills for Episode 11 of Goblin

Episode 11 of Goblin is coming up which means only 6 episodes left of this addicting fantasy drama. Kim Eun Sook has kept her world building tight so far and has said that this drama was years in the writing for her and the conclusion will not be a narrative letdown for the audience. I believe her, she hasn’t thrown a surfeit of action to keep the story going, relying instead on character interactions both entertaining and meaningful.

This means there aren’t a lot of reveals left so what’s in store is how those reveals impact the character choices to come. The Grim Reaper isn’t Kim Woo Bin but instead Wang Yeo, the King who sentenced his beloved Queen and most faithful warrior to die, thereby sentencing himself to an afterlife of being the Grim Reaper. It’s sad how apropos and also how much I feel sorry for him. Can’t wait for Sunny to learn everything and start making her own knowing choices.

Preview for episode 11:


Preview and New Grim Reaper as King Stills for Episode 11 of Goblin — 30 Comments

  1. Oh. My. God! That pic of Wang Yeo is just wow!

    I just heard that LDW was rejected repeatedly for the Reaper role by Kim Eun Sook because she thinks he didn’t suit the part which is just mind blowing since I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the role. He’s just perfect.

    • *SPOILER* in episode 9, they sort of insinuated that Deokhwa is the white butterfly (i.e god). Because they show Deokhwa talkng about having his own way of finding people and then show the white butterfly going to the resort that EunTak was working at and then saying Deokhwa found her in a later scene. The real question is if Deokhwa is god , who is the granny/lady in red.

      • Didn’t the Goblin say she was the goddess of life/birth or somethink like that when they met in the library ? She said she made Eun Tak.

        Personaly I’m more curious about the reaction of the Goblin about the real identity of The Grim Reaper. Because I remember of everything.

        When Sunny has no memory of previous life.

      • Yap..i’m pretty curious about what kind of relation that actually happens between deokhwa and the white butterfly appearance in the mission of finding eun tak. And from what I know, the white butterfly keeps flyin’ around the sword where Kim shin’s body is buried. At first, I guessed that butterfly is a recarnation from his previous loyal guard who stabbed him with that sword and eun tak maybe one of that man descendants. Ahhhh…I want to know the answer soon..but I also dont want this drama ended sooner..i’m in a big dilemma ???

      • I never thought of this. If it turns out that Deokhwa IS, then I am going to to have to rewatch ever episode from the beginning and see it totally differently.

  2. Your write as if Kim Eun Sook is the best writer out there… Her “plot” can’t fill the too long episodes. So no, she is anything but brilliant.

    • We might beg to differ on your interpretation of the word “brilliant”, but you can’t deny that she writes addictive dramas.

    • Have you seen some of the crap dramas around? Fine fine examples of crap writing abounds. She writes dramas- whether I like it or not- which has a plot and plenty of interesting characters

      If we use your standards there will probably be only less than 5 brilliant Kdrama writers around.

  3. So far, the love story between the Grim Reaper and Sunny is far more developed then the Goblin’s. There is a deep meaning in their love story which outshines Goblin’s love with Eun Tak. Its a great fantasy drama with very detailed interpretations to even its fashion but I’m just not loving the relationship between Eun Tak and Goblin. I’m more intrigued by the relationship between Goblin, Grim Reaper, and Sunny.

    • I don’t see where the relationship between the Grim Reaper and Sunny is more developed… They liked the same ring, they’re attracted to each other, but the most part of their relatioship is humour : his name, his job, his phone… I love them but the real story will start now…

      Honestly, the love story who moves me, it’s the Globlins’s story. He searched his bride so he can die for 900 years. When he found her, for the first time he wants to live but he can’t. And he’s just torn by his duty and his love.

      For the butterfly, the Goblin said that is the deity and it was a butterfly.

      • The relationship between Goblin and Eun Tak still seems more childish to me. I really hope there is great meaning to Eun Taks character in the future other then she was made to pull out his sword. I can’t take her seriously with how young her character is.

      • Well the liking of the same ring symbolizes a deeper connection to the Grim Reaper and Sunny doesn’t it??

    • I kind of agree and disagree. Through about the first 6 episodes the only thing that had happened with the Reaper and Sunny is they’d met a few times, and he gave her a ring. The rest was fluff about Kim Woo Bin and a phone….cute and people are eating it up, but not much in the way of story. Post episode 6 we are getting more, and now I find that to be very interesting.

      I am actually not treating the Goblin and Eun Tak as a romantic couple really….more kind of similar souls who need each other. I feel in episode 8 (I haven’t seen 9 yet), I saw them look at each other in a melancholy way through various OSTs so I get what they are trying to do, but KES I feel is cheating us on a story for the pretty visuals. I am crossing my fingers that the slow moving pace will pick up now that we are trucking toward the last weeks of the drama. Yes, the past relationship between Sunny, Reaper and Goblin is where this works best imo.

      • seems to me that the whole existence of ET is to pull the fricking sword out… I am more intrigued by the history of King, Queen & Goblin.

      • You’re not wrong. They’ve built no further foundation to the story between Goblin & Eun Tak. That’s on KES.

    • Most often than not, I actually skip the scenes of Eun Tak and Goblin together. I find everything else becoming more, and more intense and intriguing ,except Goblin, and Eun Tak’s romance. I thought, I was the only one who did this, until I spoke to my friends who said the same.

    • I beg to differ. KES doesn’t spend enough time developing the second OTP just like DOTS. We see Goblin and ET together, everywhere. Whereas the Grim Reaper and Sunny, we get a few minutes of them two together, if that, per episode. How does less than 5 minutes per episode equate to being over developed?

      Each pair is unique and cute in their own way. I like both. The stuff that Goblin and ET say to each other are hilariously entertaining and as for Grim Reaper and Sunny…they’re so dorky and cute.

      • Just because we get a few minutes of the Grim Reaper and Sunny doesn’t mean anything, their back story is still more interesting. Even though we see Goblin and Eun Tak all the time doesn’t mean much either, for now I’m not fascinated with Eun Tak’s character or her meaning in the story other then she has to take out the sword but why her is what I hope KES does a great job at telling the audience. We have 6 more episodes so lets hope KES makes Goblin and Eun Tak a memorable couple.

      • Okay…but your explanation doesn’t justify your point of how the second OTP are “over developed.” Just because the Grim Reaper and Sunny’s story is more interesting, or so it seems for now, doesn’t mean they’re over developed. Over developed is if their screentime is just as much as the main OTP, which isn’t the case at all. Even the bromance in here has more screentime.

        Grim Reaper and Sunny have a very interesting storyline but it’s all about Goblin and ET in the end.

      • And I beg to differ. Over developed OTP is not if they share the same amount of screen time or more. Grim Reaper and Sunny can have less screen time and they still have a more fascinating story. It’s not even about the acting now because everyone is superb in their roles but how each character is written and how they come together. The bromance is even more popular given they have a complicated past. As much as I like Eun Tak, I’m not sure why I like her yet and her purpose. That’s why I said in the end KES better give us a hell of a Goblin/Eun Tak story since right now her purpose is pretty bland.

  4. KES was voted second best writer by Korean reporters last year after Signals writer so, she’s gotta be good. Two hits in a year that’s some feat!

    • Signal was so good! The twists and turns to that drama was great. When it comes to creativity and mystery, I give more props to the writer of Signal, it was a interesting concept not many kdramas have dug into. I hope the future of Signals write will continue to be great.

  5. My friends and I are rooting for Grim reaper and Sunny all the way! We can hardly wait for the next episode because of these two! The chemistry between Dong Wok and Yoo In Na is amazing! I honestly was about to drop this show, until the story started to shift towards the Grim Reaper and Sunny, and boy! I’m glad I didn’t stop watching this show or I would have missed this intriguing story! Their chemistry is amazing! Keep it up you two!

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