Liu Shi Shi and William Chan Beautifully in Character in Drama Posters for Stills for Lost Love in Time

Understated appears the direction for the costume designing of this drama, aside from the ornate toppers on the hair. Official drama posters and new stills are out for period C-drama Lost Love in Times (Zui Ling Long), pairing up very popular actor Liu Shi Shi and William Chan in a first time collaboration for both. Shi Shi plays dual roles, that of a court princess and the main role is a high shaman priestess of a powerful section.

The story is set in the Western Wei dynasty and William’s character is the Crown Prince, exuding royal aura and authority in all his stills. It’s funny how the bottom half of their hair styles is so simple but the effect is marred by a super high crown topper for him and a bird’s nest of protruding pieces for her. Still, the drama is one of the more highly anticipated for 2017 and I’m looking for Shi Shi to do a decent period piece where I don’t want to narratively spork my brains out, as I did for her last outing The Imperial Doctress


Liu Shi Shi and William Chan Beautifully in Character in Drama Posters for Stills for Lost Love in Time — 9 Comments

  1. What headpieces? U mean the sculptures on their heads. Wonder how they attached them so sturdily. A slight movement would easily send them off. Not easy feat.

  2. Another bad hair styling…… why are they uglifying the gorgeous leads???? I’ll be too distracted with their shiny foreheads though I really wanna watch it.

    • I agree with you about the ugly hair style. The only good thing about this hair style is it makes the persons look taller. The leads don’t have height problem.

  3. I’m looking forward to this pairing, it’s very different as opposed to the stereotypical William Chan/Zhao Li Ying couple.

    • can’t believe there are still ppl pressed about LSS and NW lmao. them being coupled up in a bunch of shows was all fine and dandy but the moment it went reel to real, it really became a problem for yall huh

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