Park Hae Jin Get Measured for His Own Madame Tussaud’s Wax Figure

I can’t put my finger on the moment Park Hae Jin‘s career broke the barriers of Korean entertainment and went Hallyu, but he’s squarely in the realm of many A-listers that are suprisingly well known overseas. I’d say that last year’s controversial hit drama Cheese in the Trap didn’t hurt him in the least, it made his fans super upset his character got marginalized in the second half and it gave him wider forum to showcase his restrained acting appeal. He’s been filming the pre-produced Man to Man for the last few months and this month made a trip to Shanghai to get fitted for his Madame Tussaud‘s wax figure. It’s quite an accomplishment to merit his own wax figurine so congrats to Park Hae Jin, and hopefully his wax doppleganger will not elicit creepy vibes or awkward second takes as most are wont to do.


Park Hae Jin Get Measured for His Own Madame Tussaud’s Wax Figure — 7 Comments

  1. He has been very active filming Chinese dramas since 2010. He worked very hard in Chinese as he did in Korea. Thus he is a common household Korean name in China. He has done lots of charities in both Countries thus he is very well recieved there too. Definitely not sudden but he has laid strong foundations over the last few years. Just as Chinese idol drama started launching.

  2. I knew PHJ way before he even got this big of a star and as far as I could remember, after trying a couple of roles, from leading man to supporting roles, he still could not get his name out in Korea thus the reason probably why he had or has spent time doing activities in China. He was mia for quite some time in the K-ent/K-drama, I knew because I was always searching for him but could not really find anything relevant news about him, till I knew he was in China all along and was popular there. I was even really surprised he got the secondary lead role in You Who Came From The Star, i mean I loved that he took the role but he was mia for quite some time then he still land that secondary role, then I learned he was popular in China and YWCFTS was targeting Chinese audience also thats why. He started getting noticed back in YWCFTS and Bad Guy made him back to being lead material. He was steady getting the attention both inside korea and in the international audience. Then Cheese in the Trap happened. That cemented his stardom in the international arena and made him a hot topic actor again in Korea. Though I could not tell how popular he is in China but he is always in the top when there are polls made there, its a feat considering he isn’t consider a top star in Korea yet his name is labelled together with the likes of Kim Soo Hyun and other top stars. Hopefully he will truly find that drama that will catapulate him to unquestionable stardom. he is popular now already but yeah.

  3. Oh snap. Literally finished my first Park Hae Jin drama yesterday, c-drama Faraway Love. It reminded me of old school dramas where there’s rom-com with a side of angst. I thought he had great chemistry with the lead and I liked him in it so much I started watching Doctor Stranger today. Everybody says his dubbed chinese voice throws them off when they first hear it but it’s the opposite for me that his real voice threw me off, haha.

  4. I first saw him in “East of Eden” as Song seung heon switched real brother and then after a long time I saw him in “My love From Another Star”.

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