First Look at Upcoming SETTV Friday Drama The Perfect Match with Chris Wu and Ivy Shao

The wait was short on this one and I couldn’t be happier. The countdown has begun with the confirmed February 24th premiere date of new SETTV Friday night idol drama The Perfect Match, with the title a pun on the leads being top quality perfect matches as well as their characters being chefs with the drama centered around food. There’s been a slew of cooking themed dramas in the last few years, Pleasantly Surprised, Taste of Love, Love Cuisine, just to name a few, whether it’s a resurgence of the genre or just a good reason to throw in more tie-ins.

This one gets my attention for the return to idol fare of newly minted Golden Bell Best Actor winner Chris Wu, and doing it with SETTV despite his last idol drama being the network’s hilariously wonky King Flower (Substitute Princess). I already see his acting chops at work in the short teasers below, and hopefully leading lady Ivy Shao will avoid the typical TW-drama leading lady style of being overly cutesy. Nikki Hsieh pulls of being adorable and edgy like no other, but I’m hoping Chris hits the chemistry magic with Ivy this time around.

Previews for The Perfect Match:


First Look at Upcoming SETTV Friday Drama The Perfect Match with Chris Wu and Ivy Shao — 12 Comments

  1. Wu Kang Ren and Ivy Shao have just collaborated in a “television movie” so hopefully the chemistry is already there and they won’t need any warm-up time. Nylon Chen’s acting is a bit wooden so I’m not that fond of the casting of the 2nd male lead. I like his music though.

  2. So excited for this! Even in the photos, Wu Kang Ren is already owning it. I took a long break from all Asian dramas and then I stumbled across What Is Love starring him in it. Then I became obsessed and had to watch everything he was in. That’s actually how I discovered this blog. I was looking for commentary on Princess Stand In and had to know if she ended up with Terry or not because I couldn’t endure it if he didn’t.

  3. I’m so excited for Chris’ return to drama land. I guess I should call him by his Chinese name since I think that’s what he goes by now?

    • I like “Behind Your Smile”, but not “King of Romance”. The main female lead annoys me with her character. What do you think about them?

      • Same but watching for Lego. He looks dapper in King of Romance. 2 more episodes for Behind your smile and it finishes. I thoroughly enjoy both each week.

  4. Yay, looking forward to this one! The press conference was super cute with all the cast looking to be lots of fun together, specially Ivy and Chris. The full cast press conference can be seen at my blog:

  5. I am glad to see other fans of this seriously under-known amazing actor. I am really looking forward to another Wu Kang Ren (Chris Wu) idol drama. I love the man, and anything he has been in is a testament to his acting ability. He can make you get drawn into and feel for any character he has ever played- ( I am going to assume we will get more of that talent here ) even when scripts and story-line are not ideal.
    Question to anyone who knows: Is there a particular site that will be best to catch this streaming on here in the US?

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