Young Lovers Joy and Lee Hyun Brighten Official Posters for The Liar and His Lover

I can’t help but feel the first sweet stirrings of young love memories whenever I see new updates from upcoming tvN drama The Liar and His Lover (She Fell in Love with His Lies). Joy and Lee Hyun Woo look the parts of a young high school ingenue and a young but musically experienced prodigy producer, but even nicer is how the production is beautifully presenting the romance with such soft effervescent tones. Sure, K-dramas can and often do bait and switch but if this drama sticks with the source manga then it should be nicely melodramatic without veering into overblown. The just released drama posters are filled with noticeable emotion, from Joy’s infectious wide smile to Lee Hyun Joo’s interested soft gaze. Continue reading

Lee Hyun Woo, Joy, and Lee Jung Jin Cast in K-drama Adaptation of Manga She Loves Lies

Casting proceeded rather quickly from when tvN announced that it was adapting music themed manga She Fell in Love with My Lie into a K-drama She Loves Lies. The manga had a successful J-movie adaptation The Liar and His Lover … Continue reading