Yamapi and Kame to Reunite for Spring Romance Dorama with Kimura Fumino as Leading Lady

Waaaaaaaaa, this is the best J-dorama casting news for nostalgia fans, and highly promising news for those wanting a dorama rom-com. Twelve years after their hit dorama collaboration in Nobuta wo Produce, Yamashita Tomohisa and Kamenashi Kazuya is reuniting for a spring romance on NTV called Boku, Unmei no Hito desu (I, Am Your Destined One or I, Am Your Soulmate). Yamapi and Kame isn’t braving new ground as the destined ones for each other as Kimura Fumino is the leading lady but the reunion of the two male leads is certainly the biggest selling point of this dorama.

Kame and Fumino are the destined lovers – he’s a man who believes in destiny and constantly confesses to woman be believes to be his soulmate and gets rejected each time, while she’s a practical woman who doesn’t believe fate and rejects Kame in search of the safe romance – while Yamapi is playing a mysterious character calling himself God that offers love advice to Kame. Yamapi and Kame will also be forming a unit called Kame to YamaP to sing the theme song for this dorama. OMG if it’s anything as insanely addictive as “Seishun Amigo” I’m going to wallow in nostalgia happiness for two months come April.

Aside from loving Yamapi and Kame, I also adore Fumino after watching her solid and serious turn in Siren even if Nanao stole the show. Best news EVAR!!!

Shuunji to Akira “Seishun Amigo”:


Yamapi and Kame to Reunite for Spring Romance Dorama with Kimura Fumino as Leading Lady — 16 Comments

  1. ?????????? OMG best news of the day!!!! Nobuta was such an epic show!!!! The themesong was addictive…the chemistry between Kame and Yamapi was so…lol they were the Goblin and Grim Reaper back in those days!!

  2. Wow it’s been 12 yrs already?! Nobuta has been one of my early jdorama addiction. This is indeed good news. Looking forward to watch this soon!

  3. I saw this a few days ago when the IG account of Sanlih/Wan Quan Yue Le got really excited about this collaboration. Looks like everyone has been looking forward to Kame x Yamapi. 🙂

  4. The only thing missing is Maki!! 12 years already? i feel so old, I first watched them in Nobuta and had been wishing for a long while now that the three of them reunite. My yamaki heart!! urgghhhh

  5. You just had to post that video I’m like almost bawling! Never did I ever think this will happen! ive been out of the Jdrama scene for a looooong time but this is gonna suck me right back in. This song is still my jam!!

  6. Has it really been 12years since Nobuta??? Gosh time flies!!!! I can’t wait I like both Yamapi and Kame!! I assume they are getting along better than previously….

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