Shin Se Kyung and Krystal Offered Leading Lady Roles Opposite Nam Joo Hyun in tvN Drama Bride of the Water God

I’ll hold my opinion until the drama arrives, despite the seemingly improbably odds that this ambitious project can succeed. Upcoming tvN drama adaption of popular manhwa Bride of the Water God now has a bride to go along with the already cast water god. Shin Se Kyung will likely be donning the leading lady mantle, taking the role originally offered to Moon Chae Won who passed on it last week. It’s not the first time Shin Se Kyung has stepped into a role without being the first choice and speaks volumes about her commitment to professionalism in that it doesn’t bother her in the least. And in the case of her last such drama The Girl Who Sees Smells, the drama wasn’t perfect but she was darn near perfect in her portrayal of the role. In addition to Shin Se Kyung’s casting, idol-actress Krystal has also been offered the second female lead role in the drama and she is positively considering it.

I’m rather entertained by this seemingly random assortment type casting where none of the three leads bandied about seems suitable for the role as drawn in the manhwa, but then the drama version takes the story from the ancient fantasy times and transports it to modern day Seoul so maybe this wholesale revision will work for these three leads. I’m actually fine with all three being cast and am quite curious to see how the PD of Nine: Nine Times Time Travel and Queen In Hyun’s Man will bring the visuals to life along with the script penned by the writer of Arang and the Magistrate and Misaeng.


Shin Se Kyung and Krystal Offered Leading Lady Roles Opposite Nam Joo Hyun in tvN Drama Bride of the Water God — 18 Comments

    • Well, recently of the Korean drama got lots of new & young actress & actors which is not really very popular in the drama but their acting ability is really good!. So I’m looking forward to this drama specially to my latest favorite “Nam Joo Hyun”. Thanks.

  1. I will definitely check this drama if they go with this cast … It’s an interesting cast for sure so I will definitely give it a go ..

  2. I don’t know why but when MCW declined the role, SSKYUNG came to my mind. Not a fan but i do not dislike her either. I was waiting for more charismatic actors .

  3. Still need to go back and finish this manhwa, it’s been so long though I might need to refresh before restarting, but I am really not feeling the supposed cast so far. I don’t particularly dislike any of them, but I can’t envision any of them in the title roles.

  4. Interesting….very interesting….I really like SSK as an actress and outside. she seems very down to earth. trying to figure out if i like NJH yet. I never read the manhwa but i still wish this was taking place in the past, the concept of the past seemed more appealing with this type of story line. plus, SSK is great in sagueks.

  5. wait i just read at soompi that none of these actors are confirmed yet…so….are we still waiting on confirmation from all the actors?

  6. Why does Krystal keep getting roles? Apart from Heirs, haven’t been impressed with her “acting” and Heirs wasn’t saying much either.

    • ? I think her agency has to find work for her to generate revenue. I don’t think she has much work lately… at least she won’t be the first female lead ?

  7. Krystal and Nam Joo Hyuk a perfect fit good looking and horrible actors, as proof of that NJH was the worst of the entire cast in Moon lovers Scarlet Heart and Krystal was the blandest lead lady in My lovely girl. VISUAL is jut one aspect of a drama less important than actual ACTING talent and Screen Presence these two don`t have that they can convince me that they are immature foolish teenagers where they are basically playing a caricature of themselves but other than that sorry NO.
    Shin Se Kuyng is a little better on the average scale that all of them belong to AVERAGE.
    There are 3 doom factors for dramas: Bad SCRIPT, bad Directing and Editing, and Bad ACTORS.
    Bad script can ruin a drama most recent example is Hwarang no story no characters no plot its worst than a fan-fic.
    Bad Directing Editing and bad Script together is a disaster like Scarlet Heart.
    Bad Acting no matter how pretty the actors are is the biggest turn off factor for me, if they fail to play a convincing character they ruin even the best script and directing.
    Bride of the water God has a story to build on but so did Scarlet Heart, this modern twist (the latest fashion K- dramaland like Goblin and Legend of Blues sea) is questionable to begin with story wise and how it will be done visually and symbolically, these average at their best actors will not help convince me to watch it.

  8. just no SSK u too good to be act along sie this YG ator who sux at ating.krystal an take the role they both would sux when it ome to acting.

    • I will translate that

      Just no SSK u too good to be act along SIDE this YG ACTOR who SUCK at acting. Krystal CAN take the role they both would SUCKS when it COMES to acting.

      Sorry im just to boring

    • Actually, I feel just the opposite (don’t care for Krystal after she badly botched My Lovely Girl) so I guess neither one of us will be too happy-?

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