Triple Fashion Fails Hit the Star Attendees at VIP Movie Premiere of A Single Rider

It’s a sigh of relief to see at least one star presence at the VIP premiere of the movie A Single Rider not look like a fashion victim. Other than Park Shin Hye, low key and effortlessly chic, everyone else got hit with either the clothing fail, the makeup monstrosity, and/or the hair woes. If I add Eom Ji Won bringing a stuffed toy ferret in her purse then even the accessorizing took a detour into WTF land. I like to think stars attending movie premieres usually don’t use their coordis and go at it alone, maybe even leaving their house to saunter over to a premiere treating it like a regular movie outing. In that case everyone gets a pass because who cares what we look like when we go watch a movie, but then again, the movie premiere is there as yet another carpeted media moment so the star should make an effort to dress prettily.


Triple Fashion Fails Hit the Star Attendees at VIP Movie Premiere of A Single Rider — 16 Comments

  1. why are all their faces white? well,apart from Lee Ji Ah and the actress in d third photo(forgot her name),the rest look like ghost.

  2. what the mess style! what that? a cat death ?
    i don’t think they didn’t use coordi for something like this (no way they didn’t realize paparazzi will come), if they did it with their own choice,what the mess taste!

  3. I think apart from Park Shin Hye, Nam Ji Hyun looks super cute and looks very casually dressed yet comfortable and radiant. One question, is it very cold in Korea right now, they are wearing multiple layers of clothe, all of them??

  4. LOL i google searched the 5th picture to see who that actor was, but then google’s like: “Best guess for this image: book design”. I haven’t seen a book cover like that though o.o

  5. I’m more than sure the lady with a stuffed toy is Nancy Lang, not Uhm Ji won. they don’t look that much alike to confuse them with one another.

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