K-ent Remembers Actress Lee Eun Joo Twelve Years After Her Passing at Young Age of 24

It’s wild to pause and take stock in how quickly a dozen years has passed and this week marks the 12th death anniversary of Korean actress Lee Eun Joo. She passed away at 24 years old at the height of her fame even at such a young age, with a slew of hit movies and dramas under her belt. She’s most remembered in drama land for being the leading lady in Phoenix, which was the drama where Lee Seo Jin played the male lead and Eric of Shinhwa was the second male lead. Lee Eun Joo committed suicide by slitting her wrist and hanging herself in her apartment, leaving a suicide note explaining of her extreme depression some of which were residual from filming her last movie the R-rated The Scarlet Letter which contained many edgy nude scenes. Lee Eun Joo’s passing rocked K-ent and was unfortunately the start of a slew of K-star suicides in the decade thereafter, including very famous stars Jung Da Bin, Choi Jin Shil, and Park Yong Ha.

Lee Eun Joo’s passing has also brought news coverage that her best friend Kim So Yeon continues to this day to take Lee Eun Joo’s mother out to eat on the day of Lee Eun Joo’s passing, having done so every year for the past 12 years. Sniffles, such true loving friendship and so sad still that Lee Eun Joo’s promising career was cut short due to pressure, stress, and mental hardship.


K-ent Remembers Actress Lee Eun Joo Twelve Years After Her Passing at Young Age of 24 — 11 Comments

  1. 🙁 Sure remember those days when just a string of korean celebs took their lives…those were sad and tough days for fans and families of the deceased. may they all rest in peace.

  2. i remember watching phoenix on our national television long ago.it is a great drama and she acted very well in it.may she continue to rest in perfect peace and kudos to kim so yeon for her warm heart in not forgeting her friends mother all this time.

  3. She was also very good in HSS’s Oh Soo Jung. I liked her in Phoenix too. And The Scarlet Letter was a good film.

    Rest in peace Lee Eun Joo.

  4. She had better chemistry with Eric than Lee Seo Jinin Phoenix. Their romance scenes always too cheesy with dance, sing and cheesy lines ever in k-drama ever.

    • I thought her chemistry was better with Lee Seo Jin though. I mean even though they don’t have a lot of romantic scenes together like she had with Eric. But all of the scenes between her and Lee Seo Jin was portrayed their longing love for each other through looks. Their eyes shown so much emotions and yearning for one another. The chemistry was amazing and I stand by it…

  5. that long?!It feels like yesterday… i still remember vividly it was such as hot topic at soompi forum then park yong har and jung da bin… such a big loss.

  6. I was taken aback by Park Young Ha’s suicide . At that time i was marathoning ” a man’s story” and there were news about him working with Yeh in a new drama . I’m not a supersticous person but since then YEH’s dramas weren’t much successful.

    • And Jung Da Bin too, she was so pretty, fresh, natural. I liked her in “cat on the rooftop” “she’s 19” , her movie with SSHun. So Sad. Remenbering a young actress who was in Boys over Flowers and commited suicide too…

  7. There were a lot of tragedies in k-ent in the mid 00’s. I’m not sure what was going on behind the scenes in the industry back then. I’m glad it’s over though.

    Anyway may she RIP and that’s nice of Kim So Yeon although I imagine her tradition was something she wanted to keep private.

  8. Koala I think you got the wrong picture there. The second to last picture looks like, and I am positive it is, Kim So-Yeon. She is alive.

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