Yoona Impresses in Modern Black and White at HK Fashion Brand Event

It’ll be interesting to see how Yoona fares in her first sageuk drama role in the upcoming A King Loves with Im Shi Wan and Hong Jong Hyun. Both guys got acting props in their last drama performances, in Misaeng and Moon Lovers respectively, while Yoona was solid if not spectacular in an underwritten role for The K2. I like her look for the sageuk so far in the first stills, but I’ve always thought her visuals suited the modern age better. Being an idol and getting cosplayed up actually worked because she’s got such tall thin foundation to layer on outfits and styles. Seeing her as this week’s brand event in Hong Kong confirms that her fashionista card is still being stamped and I love this look head-to-toe. Even better that it can be emulated easily and lots of ladies can pull off the chic look.


Yoona Impresses in Modern Black and White at HK Fashion Brand Event — 2 Comments

  1. love her cant wait for the king loves, hope the writer does not disappoint me or her. I am glad she got good review by the critics and knets on her movie with hyunbin

  2. …..is the skirt see-through?! That’s not exactly chic, what’s the point of wearing such a long skirt then?

    And of course stars will go and look like fashion victims because it’s more important to wear head-to-toe designer looks than be comfortable, surely it wouldn’t have been too much to give her a petticoat or slip under the skirt.

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