Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Kang Woo Confirm Dual Male Lead Roles in tvN Drama Circle

Looks like tvN has a tightly knit acting group lined up for the upcoming spring drama Circle, an inner circle of talented and good looking leads so to speak. Confirmed now are dual male leads Kim Kang Woo and Yeo Jin Goo, each taking the lead in a portion of the drama set in 2037 and 2017, respectively. Sadly teen actress Kim Yoo Jung will not be reuniting with her famous costar Yeo Gin Joo as her agency refuted earlier news reports that she was considering the drama. Stepping in as female lead is Gong Seung Yeon, with idol-actor Lee Ki Kwang taking a second male lead role. Circle is one of the 2017 dramas dealing with sci-fi as the story revolves around an alien arriving on Earth intending to save the future by helping humans control their emotions.


Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Kang Woo Confirm Dual Male Lead Roles in tvN Drama Circle — 23 Comments

    • I think its a wise choice for her. The drama will air in May, same time with KSH, so will draw lots of unnecessary comparison. Her school just start and this is her last year of high school so it will be busy. This drama is not centre female character, so it might be something like yuri in defendant right now, not many screen time. The female character is a student while YJ is still in high school and look young for her age.

      When the time is right, YJG and KYJ will act together. Thats their fate, destiny lol. Its either sageuk or few years time for a really hot romance.

      • I’m really tired of Kim Yoo Jung fans blaming the agency for so called “bias.” Is there hard core evidence ? Have you ever considered that maybe Kim yoo Jung is the one who likes to take huge breaks and is the one who reject projects? And not because the agency force her too? Because if you think about it in a financial, economic standpoint, that doesn’t make sense. We are living in a money hungry world… Also maybe yoo Jung is still recovering from the negative attacks from last year, let her rest. Chill.

        So stop blaming her agency , and stop accusing them of having bias and liking Kim so hyun more without evidence. Stop with the fan wars, Kim so hyun isn’t the only other actress in the world. Maybe she is saying yes to more projects because at the moment she has stronger passion in the acting world, she did say in a recent intervuew, that she gets more energy from acting and projects than hanging out and chilling .

        They’re both lovely actresses, leave them both alone by having respect for both and not trying to divide them up or cause competition between them with attacks.

      • The fan wars will never end. Its only increase more when they get to 20s.

        The last time Sidus update something about YJ was November. You can check their twitter and instagram. She has won few big awards, a fan meeting, few cfs but until now still no congrats/updates from Sidus yet.

      • They haven’t promoted KWB’s fan meetings either. They barely promoted his movie either and he’s worth like 10 of either KYJ or KSH. Don’t see what you want to see. And when was the last time their agency promoted Jo Bo Ah or Lee Yubi?

        Also, these girls aren’t even competition in Kdramaland. Even when they hit their 20s they’ll be playing high school or college students till they are atleast 25 because PSH, Kang So Ra, Yoona, Suzy etc. will still be playing 20 somethings and will always be bigger stars than them. That means it will be atleast 10 years before any of them is regarded as a mainstream star or Hallyu star by which time there will already be another set to replace them so really I don’t see the point. And KSH & KYJ will never be as big as JJH, SYJ, HJW, SHK or even KTH and GHJ. Also, the only relevant actress in their generation in the long term will be Kim Hyangi because she can out act anyone!

      • Jo Bo Ah got her new star award, they congrats her while yoo jung got excellent award and still silent until now. You can see posts about Jo Bo Ah, Woo Bin recently.

        Its a popularity contest like Lee Min Ho, Woo Bin, Lee Jong Suk, Ji Chang Wok, Kim Soo Hyun. Even they are all different but they are in same age group and one name will come up with other, like W vs UF, MLFTS vs TLOBS.

        JJH – My Sassy Girl: 20, SYJ – Lovers Concerto: 20, HJW- Truth Game: 22, SHK – Autumn in My Heart: 19, KTH – Stairway to Heaven: 23, Suzy – Architect 101: 16, PSH – Miracle in Cell no 7… so the girls break out moment will be just around the corner. Will never be as big is premature. No one thought SJK will be Hallyu star before DOTS. No one thought those 87-ers actors will be as big as they are, and they are as big as Bae Jong Yoon and profit even more.

      • Im talking about status/popularity. And earning of a company shouldnt be compare with an individual earning, like you dont compare Big Bang earning and Yang Hyun Suk earning.

        Its impossible to say never to the future. 2 years ago PBG was nobody, now he is the hottest star in Korea. 6 years ago, SJK was a rookie in RM, and just after DOTS he is a hallyu star. KSH was nobody for few years, then in 4 years he won 4 daesangs.

        KWB fan meeting was one week after YJ but her agent only mention KWB. Her agent didnt release her photos from the FM, the press had to get it from youtube. She had few cfs last few weeks but no update from her agent. And her agent so quickly decline this drama while it took them forever to update anything about her.

    • @anon: Uh PSH, KSR and Yoona are like 10 years older than them. I don’t think people see Song Hye Kyo and Park Shin Hye as rivals.

      Also, none of the actresses you mentioned except for PSH have as much prestige in Korea as the Kim sisters to be called “competition”. Suzy and Yoona are seen as idol actresses, often critisized for their acting skills. While Kang So-ra is not that popular in Korea.

      And who are you to say that they won’t be as popular as JJH or SHK? They are already more popular than 90% of the actresses in their 20s.

      • Pretty sure BJY is earning more than LMH, KSH, SJK considering the fact that he actually owns a talent management agency and is still one of the highest paid CF stars without any drama or movie in XYZ years.

        Also the list of top female actresses has hardly budged since the start of Hallyu so even if KYJ & KSH do make it they’ll most likely be at the lower half of that list. Like I said, its impossible to beat the star power of SHK, JJH & HJW who don’t even need hit movies/shows to be in demand actresses. Even if they churn out one good project every 4 years they’ll be more relevant than any 20 something.

        Also, if PSH and Im Soo Jung who is 10 years older can get offered the same role then trust me they are competition.

      • Also, Yoo Jung can’t be congratulated for the award because of her controversy. Knetz would have had a field day with her then. Don’t you know by now how volatile they are?

      • @anon, I believe you’re generalising too much. PSH was never offered the same role as ISJ. It was obvious the drama wanted to borrow PSH fame to generate buzz for that drama before it even filmed. Also, she wasn’t the only actress to be ‘used’, HJW was linked with the drama also. How do you measure how ‘big’ a star is? Forbes influential list, IG followers, or how much money they earn? It’s like comparing Kate Winslet to Emma Watson. Just because those senior actresses came on your scene first it doesn’t mean they are ‘bigger’

      • HJW, SHK, JJH etc. benefited from the first wave of Hallyu and that list hasn’t changed for almost 15 years now. That’s my point. It won’t change 10 years later either. SJK btw is in his 30s and owes his success to a KES drama. He’s flavour of the season. Next year will be someone else. In fact he’s already being replaced by Gong Yoo. Also, men last longer than women because patriarchy.

        Either today or 10 years from now no one will pick watching a KYJ drama over a PSH/ SHK/JJH etc. drama if they air at the same time slot. So if that isn’t a measure of popularity then what is?

        Also, KYJ owes her Forbes presence entirely to MDBC which was only relevant because of PBG. Basically she won’t be making that list again any time in the near or far future.

        My point is you are looking at the wrong picture. It’s not the 3 Kim’s versus each other, it’s them versus every Hallyu actress ever. They are all fighting for the few relevant female roles in a limited Kdrama world. Not to mention these girls have the likes of Kal So Won right on their heels who is just a natural.

      • ‘Either today or 10 years from now no one will pick watching a KYJ drama over PSH/SHK/JJH etc drama if they air at the same time slot.’

        I don’t think anyone can make that statement. We all know a drama’s success is not just due to an a ‘star’. Each actor/actress will have their representative drama/movie. They will all have a chance to shine. Who can predict what will happen in 10 years time??? Healthy competition is good for their business anyway. I don’t know why you are lumbering all of these wonderful and individual actresses and comparing them for whatever reason. They all represent one country and that is a success on its own.

        You’ve also missed out many charming and talented actresses such as Choi Ji woo, Park Bo Young and many more.

      • First of all why do they need to vs top Hallyu star? Ha Ji Won is no longer a Hallyu star. She is nobody outside Korea now. Why Hallyu star is the only definition of success? Hwang Jung Eum, Moon Chae Won, Moon Geun Young, Han Hyo Joo etc. are still successful. Because they are not Hallyu Star so their successful doesnt count? Being a Hallyu Star is pure luck. Hallyu Stars are not the best actors or the most popular actors in Korea.

        Lee Young Ae is definition of Korea and people still pick others dramas over hers. And now when I watch gain Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata, Full House etc.. I feel cringe worthy, of course I will chose what is current than dramas 10, 20 years ago. You cant say what will happen in the future. SHJ, JJH have their own share of failures, there were many flop projects. And they last long due to their beauty. Kim Tae Hee, SHK last longer than Bi Rain.

        In Korea its all about rating. The drama will success because of the relevant of the dramas than who star in it. Top stars doesnt guarantee the sucessful of the drama. Its every week, every month, every year, dramas vs dramas, stars vs stars, nobody vs stars. They are in same age group, so they will have projects at the same time so they will always be put their names together. Its the nature of the business. Like now Exo vs BTS, Twice vs Blackpink…. Because Exo is not as famous as Big Bang, Twice is not popular as SNSD doesnt mean they are not successful or will never be successful.

      • Doesn’t it seem more likely that Korean’s will just be happy it’s not an idol actress so the child actresses will be equally popular. KSH, KYJ, KSR is better than nay idol actress so they will all have same amount of popularity.

  1. I heard the writer are the co-writer of Six Flying Dragons. I am waiting for this drama since they put Kim Kang Woo inside. Aside my love for Jin Goo, Kim Kang Woo is also a good actor unfortunately he is so underrated.

  2. welp, i’m really pleased with these castings! really excited for gong seung yeon as well. i hope this will be a real “breakout” role for her. i think she is an excellent actress, but i have not really liked any of the roles she has had thus far. even though her character right now in introverted boss is crazy, her acting is amazing lol.

  3. Chi You just made the pool bigger. Yes your right, HHJ, Kim Tae Ri, Chun Wo Hee, Kim JI Won, Go Ah Sung, Nam Ji Hyun are all competition for your bias. So Hallyu stars plus all these actresses. Nope your bias doesn’t have a shot of being a relevant actress before she hits 30 by which time like I said earlier an even stronger competition would have popped up.

    Also Kpop groups popularity and success is measured by how long they last not how bright they are in the present. Big Bang, Shinhwa, SNSD are the ones acknowledged as successful Kpop groups.

    And you are right ratings is everything, so like I said earlier – who would watch KYJ over SHK/JJH/HJW/HHJ/PBY in Korea? Not gonna happen for another 12 years. Your bias will only hit peak at 30 not before that so stop fighting over whether her agency manages her well or not coz it won’t make much difference to her overall career. She’s not ready for mainstream success yet.

    • Are you saying, Exo, Bts, Twice are not successful because they are not gonna last? H.O.T, Baby Vox, Fin KL, G.O.D are not relevant today, does it mean they werent successful? Every artist have their time to shine.

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