Controversial Couple Sulli and Choiza Confirm Breakup After Nearly 3 Year Relationship

It’s a buzzy start to the week for K-ent as Monday dawned with news that controversial couple Choiza and Sulli have broken up. Both sides confirmed the reports and announced it was an amicable breakup after nearly 3 years together and the two will resume being senior-junior colleagues. Choiza is a member of Dynamic Duo while Sulli went from being a member of f(x) to leaving the group and focusing on her acting career. I don’t care for either of them whether dating or not but the netizen furor over their fourteen year age gap relationship that likely started when Sulli was still not of age, not to mention his reputation for being supremely well-endowed and her reputation for posting outre and provocative shots on social media. I wish both well in finding lasting love in the future, and hopefully this will end the netizens fixation on their relationship ups and downs.


Controversial Couple Sulli and Choiza Confirm Breakup After Nearly 3 Year Relationship — 20 Comments

  1. His stage name in Korean I think is a pun on being ‘big’.

    I think it’s actually a shame they broke up. They were such a middle finger to all the haters and hypocrites, who find fault when any little thing as of being an idol means not your human. Keep doing you is all I can say.

  2. Why I feel like Sulli was the one who crazy in love with him? So older man-young girl is really a trend in Korea. But who’ll get success for this kinda relationship? Who’s next? Probably the hottie oppajushi Eric with his beautiful young lady will break up too? I surprised he has eyes on young girls knowing his taste before like the sexy type Park Shi Yeon lol.

  3. Of course it is trend-35 and above ahjushhi preying on easy to drop their panties kind of idols.
    This young females idols are dreaming on marrying hot ahjusshi
    Lee Dong Wook, Gong Yoo, Andy, Eric are the best example.

  4. I think ahjushi and young girl pairing is not only trending recently. its related to what korean males want in a woman as their wife. most of them like their woman pretty, young (bcause fertility things) and ready to be stay at home a housewife. thats why most of them like young girl, younger than 25 at least bcause well for me, at 25 at least you have certain career, even in entertainment.
    and thats why, most female celeb over 30 rarely married with other celeb.
    Eric choice wasnt surprise for me. She is hus type as a eife material. when you watch shinhwa interview, the only one who like strong type women with career is Dong Wan.

    • Not familiar with Shinhwa. But I think Eric has the thing for classic beauty girl and very appearance-oriented when comes to girl and I think it’s normal. He’s a guy after all. And he’s also extremely handsome. Better like that than such a hypocrite. But just get the feeling that he’ll end up with a non celeb wife. After watching 3MAD, I think he’s the guy with very simple minded and even I think very old-fashioned despite the buzz around his life. Seems he just need a wife who can take of him and his kids lol.

      • yep, I like eric too. thats why I said I didnt surprised when his dating news came out. That girl is tottaly his type 🙂

  5. So many gross comments here…
    both of them were grown ass adults when they entered their relationship. ’Ajusshi’-young girl pairing is not ’trending’ lately -rather it has always been a norm. And girls drop their panties? Excuse me, is sex all you think about? I don’t like to speculate on other peoples private lives, especially when I don’t know them personally at all, but Sulli liking Choiza and vice versa might have a reason, such as they have things in common, or they just like each other. Sulli is still in her early twenties and Choiza is nearing his forties, so naturally they are in different life situations and they might have been realistic about their relationship, despite them liking each other at a certain time period.

    • If i am not mistaken, sulli was only 17 when they started dating. so no, they are not both adults when they started their relationship. i have no problems with may-december love affairs when the two involved are both adults and legal.

      • Well Sulli is about to turn 23 so when they said they started dating was September 2013 and she was actually 19, still young but not under age.

  6. When comes to love, age is just a number. Even the same age couples also break up. So nothing is surprising actually. There’s a time when suddenly we feel loves gone. The reason is vary. Then that’s the time we need to separate. And about other age gap couples, I don’t think we can generalize them. Han Ga In and her husband is pretty much age gap and they’re still happily married. Different story with IU or UEE. Maybe their goals are different. So no need to continue since the live vision already not matched. I heard also Kim Go Eun just broke up too. I saw many age gap couples still living in harmony. So no need to overeact about it. And someone mentioned about Eric and his girl friend. I’m not long time fans of him, but from articles I read, in my opinion Eric is one of the guy in korean entertainment industry that knows what he really wants and what he’s going to do. So, if he really loves that young girl, I don’t think anybody can stop him. He even doesn’t care the drama shippers that dying hard to see his real romance with his co-stars lol. And here I am the one who still insist to see him with my favorite actress Yoon Eun Hye since forever.

  7. sulli is still gorgeous and to me i think she is the most perfect idol in korea appearance wise.suzy a close i wish she will take this opportunity to calm down and focus on herself and acting career and reinvent herself since she is still young.wish her the best in everything.

    am i the only one who dont find eric that handsome.he is charismatic and i like his dramas like another hae young and phoenix etc. but strangely i dont find him that handsome as many people claim.but he definitely has good taste in women.for me park shi yeon is in my top ten most gorgeous korean actresses of all time and i was sad when she divorced from her husband after having kids with him.wish her well too.

    • Absolutely agree with everything you said about Sulli. Looks-wise, she is perfect. I hope she calms down a bit (just a bit!) and continues acting.

    • Handsome or pretty depends on our own taste. For me Eric is good looking but I like the way he acts more. Just something looks manly and cool without trying hard. This man is definition of more about sexyness than being super handsome.

      Sulli is gorgeous young girl. He can pull off the sexy concept and cutie at the same time. I hope she’ll back to the right track.

    • Agree so much. She has a beautiful face and smooth skin, my second would be After School Nana. Suzy is beautiful too, but Sulli has that aristocrat type of elegance. She is in fact a look-a-like of a high class gisaeng Lee Nan Hyang, as if she were her reincarnation. I can’t see Sulli as a serious actress for now, unless her acting becomes miraculously better and she finds her own niche market

  8. Eh, sadly i kinda sense this coming, although i hoped that thay would prove me otherwise since they were so FU with so many prejudices.
    I hope sullie can rearrange and move forward to a better future. She’s such a perfect face!!

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