Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon Lead Script Reading for SBS Mon-Tues Drama Whisper

Yessssss, too bad the script reading stills are so sedate otherwise this is a stand up and boogie with excitement moment. Drama Queen Lee Bo Young is back! After a two year hiatus to have a baby with husband Ji Sung, Lee Bo Young is taking over her hubby’s time slot on SBS Mon-Tues as the marrieds hand off hopefully quality and ratings as well. If Lee Bo Young delivers a tour de force type performance as Ji Sung is doing right now in Defendant, and both dramas get similarly top ratings, SBS is going to have a tough Daesang decision at the end of the year. Back to Lee Bo Young’s upcoming legal thriller drama Whisper, not to be confused with legal thriller drama also with one word Defendant, she’s playing a dogged cop who works with the judge played by Lee Sang Yoon to uncover corruption in Korea’s top law firm which extends far into the political world. Looks a bit like fiction mirroring likely fact.

Whisper will be the reunion of Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon as they were the OTP in hit weekend drama My Daughter Seo Young 5 years ago, which was the start of Lee Bo Young’s career renaissance. She followed that drama up with buzzy popular dramas I Hear Your Voice and God’s Gift: 14 Days before taking her maternity leave. I can’t wait to check out her being a justice seeking cop and this drama comes from sterling credentials with the screenwriter of Punch, Empire of Gold, and The Chaser.


Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon Lead Script Reading for SBS Mon-Tues Drama Whisper — 6 Comments

  1. Writer of PUNCH and THE CHASER?!? Hands down am gonna catch this drana then. Cant wait!! Hopefully it does really well like Defendant then we’ll see this power couple winning the top awards at the drama awards this year

  2. wwow if whhisper does well. I wonder if Year end SBS awards- i deasang would be shared- and first time ever- husand and wife gets Daesang on the same stage?

  3. Ji Sung killing it in Defendant.
    Writer of Punch!!! Would love as you said for this to also be a ratings and critical hit.

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