Go Ah Sung and Ha Suk Jin Get Ready to Bicker and Banter in MBC Drama Radiant Office

It will be office to office next Wed-Thurs as MBC trades low rated castaway mystery thriller Missing 9 for gung ho workplace success drama Radiant Office. There’s already a workplace drama dominating that time slot in Chief Kim on KBS so Radiant Office can either get blocked by lack of interest in the same genre or buoyed by overflowing interest in similar subject matter. Radiant Office looks dark and quirky and amusing in an awkward uncomfortable to watch way, but the characters are making it work from the previews with Go Ah Sung as a hard worker willing to do anything for a chance to succeed an office job and Ha Suk Jin as her nemesis boss. Throw in Hoya and Lee Dong Hwi to make the hapless worker bees into a buzzing trio and the fun factor triples.

Radiant Office previews:


Go Ah Sung and Ha Suk Jin Get Ready to Bicker and Banter in MBC Drama Radiant Office — 7 Comments

  1. Oh snap. I’m watching this because it features casts from some of my favorite kdramas ever: 1% of Something, Heard it through the grapevine, and Reply 1997 and 1988.

    If Ha Suk Jin can re-create the the charm and chemistry his character had in 1%, he’ll be in the A list category in no time.

  2. Yeah a Wednesday-Thursday drama to watch ! I’m not interested in Chief Kim and Missing 9 was really bad and Saimdang is boring… So I stopped the both of them.

    I like the main actors and it seems funny 🙂

  3. Ha Suk Jin and Go Ah Sung both are excellent actors i am going to enjoy watching them getting closer as time pass by through their funny encounters and bickering i am sure it well be thrilling and that’s why people are gonna watch it and be addicted to it

  4. I don’t know if I can handle another workplace drama (I watch very few of humdrum workplace issues), I’ll still probably watch for Ha Suk Jin who totally earned some goodwill from his prior drama.

  5. Ha Suk Jin is stuck in a rut, he’s always cast as a mean boss. He should spread his wings and take on other types of roles. Just look at Kim Ji Suk, although he’s always the second lead but he has taken on challenging roles, his latest in Rebel as a villain is awesome.

    Is this drama gonna be in the vein of Fantastic? The comedic take on a terminal disease?

    • Seriously another drama with these 2 people is uber fantastic. Their chemistry is what made that drama so heartfelt and beautiful.
      Their chemistry is exploding..i wish pd take notes of that and cast them again in a new drama

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