Lee Dong Wook Holds Seoul Fan Meeting with Surprise Guest Gong Yoo

Fans of Lee Dong Wook attending his Seoul fan meeting this past weekend got a special treat with the presence of special guest Gong Yoo to increase the star wattage at the event. Goblin finished airing over a month ago but the lingering buzz is strong since the current television drama offerings hasn’t generated a successor with such high ratings and audience hook. With the Goblin and Grim Reaper showing up together at the same event, complete with entrance straight from the iconic slow walk scene at the end of episode 2, the nostalgia was strong and greatly appreciated by the attendees judging from the screams of delight. I’m so happy that Lee Dong Wook is fully embracing and enjoying this career new high, and even happier that he’s made a close friend in costar Gong Yoo. May they forever slow walk entrance into every event.

Lee Dong Wook Fanmeeting with Special Guest Gong Yoo:


Lee Dong Wook Holds Seoul Fan Meeting with Surprise Guest Gong Yoo — 10 Comments

  1. Loved the chemistry / bromance between LDW and GY in The Globin. Am so glad what was on screen has now been translated into real life and they have become close friends! It is heart warming to see GY supporting LDW in his Seoul fan meet. May there be more mutual cooperations between in future events and/ or in dramas. Fighting LDW and GY Fighting!

  2. LOL at the screaming and panting fans ^_^
    A junior colleague told me that LDW would hold his fan meeting here in Jakarta at Kota Kasablanca which is very close to my office. She also mentioned that the organizer is spreading rumor that GY would also come as a surprise guest for the audience.Just wonder how many girls would secretly leave their office to sream an pant for these hotties ^_^

  3. LDW is not having his first 5 minutes. He has been an actor for a long time. He’s a proven and seasoned actor. he’s actually a lead actor, but took second lead just to be in this drama.

  4. who cares how long they will maintain their popularity. Can’t you guys be happy that he has any success at all??! bitter much? LDW is a seasoned actor and with the success of KES’s dramas, Im not surprised actors who would otherwise be leads in dramas but take any role in her dramas. I’m not saying she is the greatest but she is the most popular right now & popularity= more exposure.

  5. I read somewhere that LDW and GY already knew each other before filming Goblin.

    Apparently GY was LDW’s senior in the army. It explains the chemistry lol.

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