MBC Continues to Miss as Radiant Office Debuts with 3.8% Ratings in Wed-Thurs Time Slot

The debut was less than shiny for new MBC Wed-Thurs arrival Radiant Office, and in fact was even lower than its low rated predecessor Missing 9. Radiant Office premiered this Wednesday with an abysmally low 3.8% AGB nationwide ratings, and Missing 9 did hit those same low numbers but went out the week before with 4.2% in the final episode. Looks like just being a quirky office drama isn’t enough to lure viewers away from time slot leader Chief Kim, which hit 18.4% ratings for this week’s episode 15, while perennial second place holder Saimdang: Light’s Diary held at 10.4%. It’s hard to claw up from 3.8% which indicates early interest isn’t even there, but then again if it’s got a compelling story then who knows if Radiant Office will incrementally inch up to respectable ratings during the course of its run. Continue reading

MBC Holds Script Reading for Radiant Office Led by Leads Go Ah Sung and Ha Suk Jin

Script reading commenced last week upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Radiant Office (Glowing Office), the drama by newbie screenwriter Jung Ho Hyun that won a MBC script writing competition. The most memorable competition winning drama script to be made into a … Continue reading