Lee Jun Ki’s My Ear’s Candy Revealed to be Park Min Young as the Two Converse While Exploring Florence

I’m totally enchanted by Lee Jun Ki‘s segment on variety show My Ear’s Candy 2, as a fan this is a great way to get to know him better. The show pairs him with an unknown “ear candy” – a person he converses with over the phone about whatever is going on – and his segment has the added eye candy factor of being filmed in Florence, Italy. His ear candy has also been revealed to be actress Park Min Young, a fantastic and unexpected pairing that is not the first time the two have worked together. Back in 2007 they did a series of clothing brand ads together, back when Park Min Young still had her teen baby cheeks and Lee Jun Ki was rocking the awful My Girl days hair. Fans of either star should enjoy this interesting concept show for their incognito but chemistry filled phone flirting.

Lee Jun Ki and Park Min Young in My Ear’s Candy:


Lee Jun Ki’s My Ear’s Candy Revealed to be Park Min Young as the Two Converse While Exploring Florence — 26 Comments

  1. I am loving it. This guy has been denied a lead actress of equal charisma for such a long time, that he always ended up having to carry the entire shows on his shoulder. I am so glad over this pairing. I always wanted him to be paired with either Ha Ji Won, Moon Chae Won or Park Min Young. So this year alone, he got MCW as a potential leading lady should both signed to do Criminal Minds and has PMY as his ear’s candy. What a treat!!!!! And Lee Jun Ki has such a smexy voice.

    • I have been reading about this equal charisma stuff. I don’t really get it. I feel sorry for LJK who worked so hard but its drama supposed public positive reception has been ruined by such unreasonable equal charisma rants. It’s like indirectly saying he not good enough and I find it so unfair for him.

      • For the most part, his previous esp the last two dramas have been receiving negative reception right from the get go because many thought the lead actress just couldn’t lead a drama. Always in the end, the comments ended to be “I stay watching only because of Lee Jun Ki”. Most successful dramas came with great charisma from both leads, sadly in the case of LJK, it was painful to watch him having to compensate for his lackluster partners. He is an amazing superb actor but it’s high time that he be given a great actress as a partner and ease the burden of having to be the only saving grace of the show.

      • That is because they have supported his drama from the get go. They are spreading those negative comments even before the start of filming. Of course negative publicity would affect and would cause luckluster result. If they truly love him, they should support him whoever he is acting with.

        Lucky Moon Lovers didn’t experience the same fate as SWWTN rather propelled LJG back to stardom where he was in TKTC and thanks to Int’l supporters for that.

      • I meant the luckluster result was caused by some of his fans NOT supporting his drama from the get go and spread negative even before the start of filming***(correction to first sentence)

        Rather than trusting his choices, they abandoned him instead. Bad Fans….

  2. Anyone know where I can watch the full ep with English subs? I have seen trailers galore, but really really want to see this desperately! Thanks!

    • They both hit the note well n in communication..she is opened and he too…how great they will continue their candy talk forever…

  3. Im a big fan of Lee Joongi..my dream of him being paired with Park Min Young finally came true. I enjoyed their conversation. Hoping for an english sub.

  4. I’m solid fan of JG Lee.. Ohhh,, so cute JG in my ears candy, I’m happy that is park min young is the girl ✨?.great work.

  5. since they paired before back in 2007 (adds of some clothing line). .maybe. ..just maybe it will only fall from being friend zone again… if you watch closely ,there you will notice our LJK looked PMY just like a good friend … after the said event theres not even a sbingle bit of rumor circulated after that adds… just a thought ?

  6. Poor LJK. He is receiving plenty of hate comments on IG by delusional Moon Lovers shippers just because he started following PMY on IG. I have always wanted LJK and PMY to be paired for a drama, too bad, that’s not going to happen anytime soon since she has signed up for the new sageuk 7-Days Queen. Let’s just hope his pairing with MCW coming true.

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