Yeon Woo Jin, Park Min Young, and Jin Goo in Talks for KBS Sageuk Seven Day Queen

Being queen is usually a terrible fate when it comes to sageuk female leads, the ones who had a happy princess life before will find it a romance and personal life killer once they ascend the top spot. That makes it even worse when she gets to be a queen for just 7 days, which is story behind upcoming KBS K-drama Seven Day Queen. The drama is slated for KBS Wed-Thurs premiering in June after Mystery Queen, which is a queen following another queen though the former is a cop detective story while the later is a about a Joseon queen. Starring is Yeon Woo Jin, Park Min Young, and Jin Goo, which confirms the cast after earlier Lee Jin Wook was offered the male lead and turned it down.

I’m fairly equal on the casting of Yeon Woo Jin or Lee Jin Wook as the male lead, and Park Min Young doing this serious sageuk role will be her first time back in sageuk garb since the drama everyone wants to forget Dr. Jin.


Yeon Woo Jin, Park Min Young, and Jin Goo in Talks for KBS Sageuk Seven Day Queen — 11 Comments

  1. Beg to differ , Yeon Woo jin is better actor than Lee Jin Wook. He was the better thing in ” Introvert Boss”. I didn’t know that Lee jin wook was offered the lead. After “His scandal” , how can he be cast already ? if It was an actress who was caught she must have halt her activities ad vitae eternam ! Unfair!

  2. Lee Jin Wook seems has very strong backing or agency. He’s just an average actor with less fandom and popularity and doesn’t has any high ratings drama but always get chance to act with popular actresses even after his scandal in a very short time. Glad he turned down. I know he isn’t guilty but just can’t look the same of him anymore.

  3. I really like Lee Jin Wook, I hope he’ll be able to find a good drama. The story of his last drama was really bad written and I was sorry for him and Moon Chae Won, they deserve better.

  4. I am so happy that Yeon Woo Jin will (likely) replace Lee Jin Wook. I have majorly cooled on LJW recently. YWJ can transcend even a bad script and LJW cannot. Plus, YWJ in sageuk is just perfection for me (see Arang and the Magistrate). I love this casting and am VERY excited!

  5. They are all very attractive…they aren’t flashy but seem to give off a grounded feeling. I always look for that in a drama. I wish them much success.

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