Yamapi Plays Matchmaker for Kame and Fumino in First Teasers for I Am Your Destiny

This dorama looks majorly adorable, as hoped and expected when I hear the three leads casting consisting of three of my J-ent baes. There’s Kamenashi Kazuya doing his version of the earnest lovelorn suitor, Yamapi as his magical and cool ikemen matchmaker, and Kimura Fumino sporting a delightful short do and a no nonsense glower as the lady of the show. Upcoming Monday night dorama I Am Your Destiny (Boku, Unmei no Hitodesu) released the first batch of teasers this week and does a great job of conveying the character dynamics right off the bat. I don’t know why Kame is trying to propose to Fumino, who is having none of it, but his effusive efforts contrast hilariously with Yamapi being the straight shooter and shoving the two together.

I Am Your Destiny previews:


Yamapi Plays Matchmaker for Kame and Fumino in First Teasers for I Am Your Destiny — 12 Comments

  1. yamapi looks so cute as matchmaker..
    between this drama and crisis (oguri shun & nishijima hidetoshi combo) coming, I am soo happy

  2. Yamapi was so funny and great in Nobuta wo Produce and since he always had serious character… I miss a funny Yamapi !

    It’s normal they are like they were in wax in the teaser ?

  3. it must be because it’s been ages since I saw Kame in anything b’cause damm that boy looks different from how I remembered he used to be. Did he put on weight or is it because of age or did he do something to his face?

  4. I can’t help but to notice the seiyuu was Fukuyama Jun’s voice. Instead of watching the video I’m enjoying his voice instead.

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