Top HK Star Aaron Kwok Marries Younger by 23 Years Model Girlfriend Moka Fang

The end of March wedding announcements keep on coming, with two in K-ent and also one from Hong Kong. Top HK singer-actor for the past three decades Aaron Kwok is tying the knot, in a timing that feels three decades too late since he’s 52 years old and this is his first marriage. But if Aaron is happy to finally settle down, or it really did take him this long to find the right woman to marry, it’s still congratulations to him and his girlfriend of two years and soon-to-be-wife Moka Fang (Fang Wan).

I’m glad this wedding announcement came with the two secretly registered their marriage and the press got wind of it, and through the marriage register managed to lessen the ickiness of this relationship by finally getting model Moka Fang’s real age. Turns out she’s not 22 years old as reported when she started dating Aaron two years ago but is actually 29 years old today (making her 27 when she and Aaron got together). It cuts down their age difference from 27 years to only 23 years, which makes her a baby when Aaron started his entertainment career in 1990. Wowsers on the cross-generational romance!

HK-ent is of course buzzing that Moka is pregnant hence the quick marriage certificate filing and then having the wedding banquet at a later date. I’m glad Aaron’s long time ex-girlfriend of 7 years Lynn Xiong is herself married now, their relationship was so long and open with everyone grilling her on when Aaron would propose and he never did so she finally ended it, hearing this would be tough unless she is happily in another relationship. Glad Aaron found someone and best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Kwok!


Top HK Star Aaron Kwok Marries Younger by 23 Years Model Girlfriend Moka Fang — 19 Comments

  1. Finally. The last of the 4 HK Heavenly King is off the market. Other than Jacky Cheung, the 3 are pretty late into marriage but I have predicted so that Aaoron would be the last one since he is the most flamboyant of the 4.

    I truly understand the ex-gf part. I was with someone for 10 years and he never considered marriage but let’s just get the fact straight, I walked out of the relationship and though still single for 3 years now, I don’t see any problem with that now that he is off being married to someone. We don’t need another man to mend a broken heart. So, on the part of Lynn Xiong, I think she is still happy either she is married or not.

    • love walks in and out of relationships. no one knows when it wil really hit you (HARD).

      there’s society’s ideal age for marriage and age gap — but at this day and age, it is compatibility, companionship and friendship that make a couple last and seal it by tying the knot. (although some simply prefer living together…)

    • Well she is not underage and they’re not related to be consider incest so I don’t see the problems with it other than he is older that her.

  2. It seems like top male celebrities like to go for way younger women. Nicky Wu, Hawick Lau, Jay Chou, Huang Xiaoming etc.

  3. I wouldn’t probably date someone my dad’s age but love happens when it happens. Both of them are adults and she is a fully grown adult too, not a teen girl.

  4. Idk how to feel if I was Lynn dating a guy for 7 years, can’t give me a ring on my finger but date another girl way younger and married only 2 years after and dating so openly as well. It’s just me but I would feel that there is something wrong with me ? Or Lynn herself was the one who didn’t want to reveal the relationship? Just my own thought not bashing Lynn or anything.

    • I think he just decided he wanted to get married at this time; and Moka Fang just happened to be who he was dating at this time. I read that his mum is getting old and wants grandkids.

  5. No one in east asia gets together for love (except for Ruby Lin)…this is not a drama. They get together for money.

  6. Waiting patiently for the day when it gets reported that a woman marries a guy 23 years younger and everyone seems fine with it?

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