TW-drama Faves Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Reunite at CF Event and Open to Another Pairing

I’m a little late to this reunion but a few weeks is no biggie when it comes to the happiness inducing pairing of Taiwan drama stalwarts Roy Qiu and Alice Ke. The ratings delivering hitmakers of Office Girls and Marry Me or Not¬†are rocking the couples wear and the still strong chemistry at a recent promo event in early March in Taipei. Alice and Roy are sporting such similar looks to their MMoN characters rather than their earlier OG incarnations, I love both sets of OTPs equally despite completely different vibes and romantic journeys. Both expressed a willingness to do another drama together and I hope the TW-drama production teams hear this and ink these two as soon as possible.


TW-drama Faves Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Reunite at CF Event and Open to Another Pairing — 6 Comments

  1. Yes yes!!! I wouldn’t mind seeing them in another production together but definitely something different from the first two. I kinda want them to do a period tw drama together that is common there. The years of somewhere between Japanese occupation and 1970s. I saw Alice in one but I don’t think I’ve seen Roy in one.

  2. Yes please!! I love these two and they have incredible onscreen chemistry with one another. BTW, they look fabulous here.

  3. They were stunning in Marry Me or Not. It’s rare to see that kind of chemistry this day. Looking forward to their next drama. Hopefully they will have equally clever, strong and weirdly adorable characters.

  4. I watched this whole thing, not knowing much Chinese. I understood at least that they are popular un Japan. During this event, Toda-san, representing Chocola BB, came on stage and showed off his palm, which had “Yes I do” written on it as a nod to the scene in MMoN, to Alice and Roy. I was dying from happiness at that.

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