MBC Denies We Got Married Getting Cancelled and Considers Format Change

Ten years is a long time, and the past decade has been good to the long running MBC variety show We Got Married. It’s spawned global editions and even was licensed to China for its own version, and through it all the original continues to generate buzz as onscreen couples come and go. Last year the hit SBS variety show Running Man went though casting changes and even got cancelled and then un-cancelled, so even popular shows that still has some legs left has to contend with the dust heap of cancellation possibility.

When news reports came out that MBC was cancelling WGM most people were not surprised as the show really seemed to be plodding along, at least with the current couples, not to mention it’s age and the formula no longer generating as much buzz. With that said, MBC has come out to deny the cancellation reports but added that it was considering a format change. That might be interesting, I’m always curious after watching Producer in seeing how the behind-the-scenes creative minds try to build ratings for shows.

I honestly haven’t watched a WGM episode in years but looking back there have been amazing onscreen couples that truly convinced me, and many viewers, that they were falling in love despite how scripted it all was. This how is basically the wholesome K-drama romance version of The Bachelor with the viewers always clinging to the sliver of possibility that reel can become real love. Who were your most memorable couples? For me it was Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo along with Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim.


MBC Denies We Got Married Getting Cancelled and Considers Format Change — 15 Comments

      • Leeteuk once admitted they kept in touch he used to follow her on Instagram but that was before she admitted she was dating Hyun bin ?

  1. My favourite ones were Girl Generation’s Seohyun and CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, it really a musical couple, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun and Gong Seung Yun, they were really flirting, it was fun.

  2. My favorite WGM couple was Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun especially the first few episodes until their honeymoon trip in Turkey. Its my first time watching WGM so eagerly that I even watched it raw. I think they revived WGM but also brought light that its only variety after So Eun got caught late at night dating another guy. Second best couple for me is Joy and Yook Sungjae, they’re so cute!!

    • Yeah! I found them most fun before the Turkey trip! Their wedding was phenomenal!! 😛 Hahaha. Song Jae Rim’s 24 hours!!

  3. My fave WGM couples:
    JunJin & Lee Shiyoung
    Nickhun & Victoria
    JoKwon & Gain
    Lee Teuk & Kang Sora
    Song Jaerim & Kim Soeun

  4. My favourite season was the first one. Alex-Shin Ae, Andy-Solbi and the swag Ant couple. I’ve been watching the show on-off since then. The Goguma couple, Joy-Seungjae & Gong Myung – Jung Hyesung are also my favourites.

    Good luck to We Got Married, I hope the show will continue to air many years ahead.

  5. My all time faves are Lee Jong Hyun- Gong Seung Yeon, Jang Woo Young- Park Se Young, Sungjae- Joy. Lately watching Gong Myung- Hye Sung.

  6. I loved Lee Jang Woo and Ham Eunjung! Eunjung was such a trooper and Jang Woo’s singing voice was ??? A pity the T-ara scandal ended their run..

  7. I remember when WGM had a lot of buzz! The couples couldn’t go through an interview without being asked about their onscreen wife/husband. Still remember the hooha when the Adam couple was invited onto a non-MBC show and it was a huge thing. SBS and KBS shows would also bring it up occasionally. Lots of people wanted to go on WGM despite the dismal domestic ratings because it would boost their international popularity. A pity there is so little buzz. Used to watch it often even if they were supposed to be ‘fake’. WGM has always been like a drama with only the OTP and without the makjang. Hehe.

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