Taiwan Starts Filming Military Themed Romance Drama The Best Choice Modeled After Descendants of the Sun

Filming has commenced for what is being billed as Taiwan’s adaptation of hit K-drama Descendants of the Sun, but really I think that’s a stretch and more of a marketing ploy. DotS has been referred to as a homage and glorification of military service in Korea, turning what is a mandatory two year purgatory of sorts of all able bodied men into a rah-rah maschismo patriotic litmus test. Nothing wrong with that, and if Taiwan’s own military department wants to sponsor a drama similar to DotS that highlights the positive elements of serving in the Taiwanese military then so be it. The drama is called The Best Choice and stars Yuan Ai Fei with model-actor Allen Chen, with the two leads way more model-esque than their Korean drama counterparts Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo. Allen is playing a military officer but Yuan Ai Fe’s character is a music teacher rather than a doctor.


Taiwan Starts Filming Military Themed Romance Drama The Best Choice Modeled After Descendants of the Sun — 5 Comments

  1. l am glad koala has seen the importance of dots,when i read some comments insisting that dots is hollow or juvenile drama, i become flabbergasted and its infact an insult to military personnels throughout the world.the reason why dots became a worldwide phenomenon was among them its military setting.it was fresh and speaks to many people from different countries since every country has a military.

    it was high time a drama project the good image and importance of the military and i was glad dots did just that considering the effect the military plays in our daily lives.

    wishing for the best for the success of taiwan version and applauding taiwan government for their foresight in remaking dots for taiwaneses.

  2. China will follow suit. They will glamourise the military with romance but never mention the post-traumatic syndrome when they see their fellow colleagues have their legs blown up next to them.

    • Thing is China has produced so many military dramas, a very popular one being Soldier Sortie (no romance whatsoever).

      • But that was a decade ago and they didn’t do it the KES way adding the gorgeous hero who never dies.

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