Fan Bing Bing Dons Mandarin Inspired Marchesa Red Gown for Time 100 Gala

The Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People list is out for 2017 and the only Asian entertainer to land on the list this year is Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing. Not only was she riding solo, she made the list not in the Artist category but in the Icon category. Nice! Fan Bing Bing has reached iconic status in Chinese entertainment and managed to make headway into Hollywood as well, following in Zhang Zi Yi‘s footsteps and maybe even surpassing in her own way. She was in New York this week to attend the gala event and all eyes in China were on what this renowned fashionista would wear. She didn’t disappoint, donning a custom Marchesa down in vibrant ruby red embroidered and tasseled cheongsam style dress. The look is makes her look older but is lovely in bringing the Chinese fashion sentiment to a global stage.


Fan Bing Bing Dons Mandarin Inspired Marchesa Red Gown for Time 100 Gala — 12 Comments

  1. I think FBB will surpass ZZY… All I can recall is ZZY’s dating news on the tabloid with some rich white older man on the beach… her fans may disagree, but this was what the Western Media reported…

  2. This whole set up makes her look older than normal. Her previous outfits for these kinds of events were always spot on before.

  3. The gold clutch certainly jArred with the dress, silver n gold jewellery(keep them in sinc please). Never like platform shoes, chunky n inelegant. OK cos they r nude coLor n partly covered by the long dress.

  4. For me she is very ordinary looking woman with no extra-ordinary acting skills though she is rich and very popular. I never get her appeal but I don’t envy her success because it’s just all about how effectively she sells her brand name and she is great in doing it. That dress is nice though.

    • if you get that feeling she’s undeserving of the hype, then she got it through the backdoor by selling her soul what else! but to be frank, I dont find Chinese actresses that pretty, only few you can count them on your fingers.

  5. She’s beautiful but that dress is ugly and looks like a lampshade, it’s too overworked.

    I blame the designers and not her, Marchesa dresses are often ugly and look too busy.

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