Park Min Young Does Beautifully Edgy for Instyle Korea

Edgy is not what I think whenever I picture Park Min Young, so much of my first impression of her remains fixed from her breakout role Sungkyunkwan Scandal days. Yes, it’s been 7 years since that drama aired in 2010 and so much has changed then with her and her three male leads, but that impression of her being sweet Candy with a plucky air has stayed with her from role to role. I think her upcoming sageuk drama Queen for 7 Days will take me way back to her Jamyunggo (Princess Ja Myung) days where she was serious and darker in a role, much like his spread for Instyle Korea where, other than the beautiful picture on top, I glimpse a cooler vibe from her than the usual sunny disposition. I quite like seeing her challenge herself and hopefully impress the audience as well.


Park Min Young Does Beautifully Edgy for Instyle Korea — 11 Comments

  1. Everytime I see her I think of her and Lee Min Ho dating in the past.

    Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. Hope she finds someone nice in the future.

    • You better move on.. Lee Min Ho’s got a new, hot and young girlfriend Suzy, and I bet Park Min Young has dated after Lee Min Ho, only this time she maybe understandably didn’t want to go public because of the reactions from the internet commenters, which can vary from immature to malicious..

      • Suzy is not new, definitely not hot in her acting… I like PMY as an actress way better than Suzy! It’s better to move on from that ashtray

  2. I love Ja Myung Go and thought Park Min Young made an awesome anti-heroine, really complex and darker than her usual roles. I hope she gets back to that side eventually. She also looks gorgeous in period clothing.

  3. she looks like nagasawa masami on the first pic. i’ve only watched her on city hunter. is healer really good? i’ve always wanted to watch but that kind of genre is really not my thing.

    • I really loved this drama. All the characters are great and the story in the past is very interesting too. This drama mixes very well the action and the emotional scenes.

      Personaly, I didn’t like City Hunter. I mean I’m a fan of the manga/anime so I was really disapointed. And if I like PMY, she didn’t convince me in her bodyguard role.

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