Kim Hyun Joong Holds Fanmeeting with 4000 Fans and Attends Court Hearing as Witness in Lawsuit with Baby Momma

Capitalism means that as long as there is a buyer then there is a seller and the transaction fine as long as it’s legal. When it comes to disgraced stars I always think as long as he or she has fans then there is a market for their wares. The last two years have not been easy for singer-actor Kim Hyun Joong as he went through multiple protracted legal cases for allegations of domestic violence and blackmail with his former girlfriend and current mother of his child. It played out with full media coverage and even if he was not guilty of some allegations there were many salacious facts revealed that really tainted his image to the general public. But it’s a testament to how devoted his fans are that after his military discharge earlier this year and recent bust for drunk driving he is still able to hold a fan meeting last week with 4000 fans in attendance. It’s like his fans are programmed to forgive and forget any of his infractions, but coming back in any meaningful way in the industry will require a broader scale such acceptance and I’m not sensing it forthcoming.

Kim Hyun Joong found himself on the witness stand this week attending court in Seoul for a still in progress legal case against his ex. I just wish these two would co-parent quietly and under and radar to spare their child even more future anguish.


Kim Hyun Joong Holds Fanmeeting with 4000 Fans and Attends Court Hearing as Witness in Lawsuit with Baby Momma — 16 Comments

    • These people who still love and support him are fans in the truest sense of the word. There is always two sides to every story and the people who are involved are the only ones that knows the truth in this unfortunate situation. Is his career worth saving? For his sake it is and

  1. Butthole attacker.. his fanclub Henecia members are truly the definition of delusional. They’re either in denial thinking that KHJ is *completely innocent* and being slandered by a gold digger, or they truly just care about their own fangirling. But then, if the likes of Woody Allen or Roman Polanski are even celebrated in the film industry, then KHJ having fangirls is no big deal in the big world

    • You know what? I bet the amount of fans was lot less then what his reps/agency let us know, and all the pictures from there seem to have been taken from really convenient angles. Some of the ”venue goers” seem to have been paid by his agency and of course there are those idiotic South-American and Arab fans and also those self-hating and insecure ahjumma fans that seem to have enough money to waste on this dumpster…

      • This possibilty cheered me up. Slightly. πŸ˜€

        I really hope there wasn’t 4000 fans and you do have a point about the company paying some to attend and exxagerating the number of tickets sold. It’s not the first time, and also not the last that entertainers and politicians use this trick to highten their sense of popularity.

    • You and me both.

      I certainly don’t want to see him in dramas or variety again, and honestly he’s no loss to the industry.

      • @teacakes.

        In his dramas you could replace him with a cardboard cut-out and nobody would know the difference.

        Hope he disappeared from screen for good. It’s might be a insignificant gesture I’m on a personal boycott and will never watch any of his dramas or movies or buy any product he endorces.

      • Yes, he was such a bland actor. BOF could have been done without him too and it wouldn’t have changed anything. Inspiring Generation was a snoozefest because of his bland acting. I’m really convinced that Key East is just trying some desperate mediaplay tricks at this point πŸ™‚

  2. I must say I realy love his music. He is one of my favorite singer, on my playlist among Guns N’ Roses, Ed Sheeran, David Bowie, Paul mccartney. I am so happy that he is going to continue with his music and hopefully films because he is an realy good actor, like his lates action drama. I must admit i think fan club to be a strange thing, but gues it is popular in Asia, Fan club for haters and lovers it is really funny to read the comments on both sides..i really dont get this. The world would be to dangerous if we are not aloud to learn from our mistake and move on. But because of him i will be traveling from Scandinavia to Japan , i am so looking forward to it.

  3. the big question is “is he still marketable?”… who will spend money on him? any investor please?? he was not that great an actor nor a singer… his group has become ajussi’s… his looks… Shhhh??… is he fit to play a father’s role?? i don’t think this is too cool…

  4. understandable that he still has a lot of fan. Just look at him. hot as hell.Anyhow, not a fan of him so he is not gonna be missed

  5. Gosh!!! The sight of him is disgusting. He’s never been a good actor or singer so no loss there. He should just withdraw from the limelight. Look what happened to Park Shi Hoo. He’s still trying to have an acting career but I think the public are unforgiving.

    It’s the same case with Yoochun. Just give up their celebrity life cos they’ve certainly earned enough.

  6. Please, If you don’t like KHJ, please stay off this site. What kind of a person are you? You are read as a person who would destroy any individual. Your words are filled with hate, and that in itself can poison your mind. Don’t let this make you ill. Keep your health for the sake of your loved ones and friends. KHJ will care, love and protect his child. His fans know and trust him and he loves them for their faith in him. In S-Korea, he is a great philanthropist. He loves his country and serves it well. Please don’t respond to this note for it will not be read. I don’t want to become ill along side of you and like kind of commenters. God love you, and may you become filled with Love

  7. Over and over again the courts have ruled in his favor. He has remained consistent in his testimonies. I am awaiting news about the June 19, 2017 criminal case against Choi.
    I have watched BOF and Playful Kiss. In both cases he is supposed to be that high IQ, cold person who warms up to the woman in his life. He played both of those parts subtly, not woodenly. If people watched these dramas they would notice the difference, unless they are only into slapstick. I have taken time, throughout these last few years of this sad time to read before making judgements. Some of the best information does come from fans who translate Korean for the rest of us. People who want to repeatedly use one word from his kakao texts as evidence that he is a bad person are lacking in depth,compassion, and discernment. Unless you are without sin, I suggest you refrain from your knee-jerk stone throwing.

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