Star Duo Pictures from the 2017 Baeksang Arts Award Doubles the Cuteness

Couples were not the focal point of the 2017 Baeksangs, whether onscreen pairings or real life couples, the event was mostly devoid of shippable moments for fans. An exception was seeing the Moonlight Drawn by Clouds couple Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung reunited on stage, and the picture above where she fixes his shirt is straight out of the drama where her pretend eunuch character took care of his princely attire needs. There were a couple of other fun moments where stars ended up the same frame whether presenting or sitting with each other, including The K2 costars Ji Chang Wook and Yoona and Park Shin Hye greeting D.O. My personal fave has to be a candid shot of Gong Yoo right behind Park Bo Gum almost like he was going to unleash the Goblin on him lololol.


Star Duo Pictures from the 2017 Baeksang Arts Award Doubles the Cuteness — 17 Comments

  1. AHHHH… PBG and KYJ keep giving me those puppy vibes… they are seriously too cute.They are so many fancams and bts pictures of them interacting together and it makes my shipper heart flutter…

  2. My fav picture is the one with RJY and KGE. They look so good together. Plus their interaction on stage is too cute.

    • This is my favorite moment!
      They are really lovey-dovey and uber cute. I thought Park Hyun Sik’s lovesick-look is the best, but this video reminds me that Jo Jung Suk has the most radiant loving look ever in dramaland.

  3. Kim Hye Soo has a really different aura altogther. The rest of the actresses can move aside haha.

    Hope to see her back in dramaland soon.

  4. nothing beats the awkwardly cute that is RJY&KGE, they seriously cuteee on the stage, i lol’d so hard seeing KGE be like “oppa pls say somethin” and RJY “what shud i say” lmao and i kept thinking abt how BYH feels seeing these 2 lol
    i hope writers/PDs took a notice on them and give them projects together again, be it drama or movie 😀

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