First Look at Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Son Hyun Joo in K-drama Criminal Minds

Ooooooh this looks fantastic, or at least the lead cast does on first impression. Filming is underway for the K-drama remake of hit US procedural Criminal Minds, and if this is a hit expect more where that remake train is coming. The drama is scheduled to air on cable network tvN in July but is well underway with filming, which is nice for the cast to get as much footage under their belt before live filming pressures catch up to them. Seeing Lee Jun Ki in full cop mode feels like such deja vu except he’s never played a standard modern cop character. In my fave The Time Between Dog and Wolf he was a national security agent and in sageuk Arang and the Magistrate he was the sageuk version of a cop. Here he’s partnered up with veteran Son Hyun Joo and female lead Moon Chae Won as part of an elite team of legal enforcement solving crime. It’s episodic so the plot doesn’t matter as much as the execution but for now seeing the cast in action is enticing enough.


First Look at Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won, and Son Hyun Joo in K-drama Criminal Minds — 30 Comments

  1. I’m currently marathoning Criminal Mind from the first season. I’m on season 6 now and i expecting the korean version too. I love Lee Junki and Moon Chaewon, so i hope that this drama wont disappoint me.

  2. It’s been ages since Lee Jun Ki made appearance in modern day Seoul. He looks dashing though sageuk always elevated his look into somekind of a mythical being. I have high expectation on this drama especially with a good time frame for a head start before premeiring in July as well as the brilliant casts line up. This year has not been a good year for TvN so I hope this drama won’t dissapoint.

  3. LJK had lots of unsuccessful dramas since Iljimae. His last drama, Moon Lovers was the biggest flop of 2016 in Korea. MCW last drama, Mr. Black was also a flop having single digit rating in its entire run. BOTH are good looking and talented actors so I really really hope that this drama will turn into ratings hit so that both actors can bounce. I also love them.

  4. Lee Joon Gi…my favorite actor. His acting is always good. Can’t wait to see it. and All of the cast is good.

  5. I’m so glad MCW’s hair grew back! I was not digging the pixie. :/ I can’t wait for this cause I love them both!

  6. There seem to be quite a few cop dramas with Voice and Tunnel with others in the works so hope people don’t burn out by July. I stopped watching CM in the US several years ago as I just burnt out, but I’ll give this a go.

  7. My expectations on this are so high i can’t think of anything else… love Son Hyun Joo and LOVE LOVE LOVE Lee Joon Gi. I know nothing can surpass the awesomeness that was his Wang So in Moon Lovers (my fave drama ever!!!) but i’m sure he won´t dissapoint because LJG never dissapoint… i can’t help it! i’m so happy now that i feel like jumping and dancing and singing 🙂 ;P

  8. I am so glad that Lee Jun Ki is coming back to my TV screen in July. It feels like forever since I last watched him in Scarlet Heart and painful enough waiting for his project announcement. This drama has been pretty low key but I love that they are not putting so much hype. I hope it would be as good as Signal. Please, please do justice to my talented actor LJK.

  9. This looks good! The first still feat LJK and Son Hyun Joo is so lit! This gives some Signal feels. And THAT’S LEE SUN BIN! All actors are good, now we just need a very exciting plot, a very good director, and an excellent editing team. I am hoping that this can break tvN’s dry spell after Goblin…

    • @rinasshii Yes correct. Signal is a rip off of CM or andrama inspired by CM but they can’t really make it like CM due to copyright issues. I think that is the reason why TaewonEnt franchise the CM to have an authentic procedural drama.

      • How was Signal a rip off of CM? Last time I checked CM doesn’t own the rights or intellectual rights to procedural police shows.

      • @misaeng They don’t that is why Signal were able to do hybrid CM type of drama. You can find a little gist of the methodology in solving the case but they also inject some fantasy e.g. the walkie-talke to make it look authentic.

  10. Performance-wise I don’t expect that LJG CMs will surpass his Wang So. His performance in MLSHR was so iconic. That’s a masterpiece & the best I’ve seen in kdramaland.

    I am a follower of CM-US. It’s a series that you are more engaged into how the team identify the UnSub with the methodology they use. There are some episodes which have so many holes given it’s only a 42-mins per episode drama. I think CM-Korea is going to be better given its extra time per episode.

  11. I’m excited to see how this will go I’m also wondering will they cross over with CM Beyond Borders since that one they do cases in different countries

  12. 1- sad that LJK won nothing for his role as Wang So.(my favorite character of 2016)
    2- sad that an actress haircut still be a problem for viewers ( YEH in marry him if you dare, Moon Chae Won in Goodbye Mr Black, and now Suzy for her new project…
    3- I love the actors but i will not see this drama as a remake of Criminal Minds . Hope that they will not go for action only and focus in the ” mind of the criminals “!!!

    • Suzy’s haircut is least of the problem, she’s just overrated and overexposure. but I hope someday Lee Jun Ki also works with Yoon Eun Hye.

    • Am I the only one liking MCW’s short hair in Goodbye Mr Black? I find it very refreshing and pretty, needless to say MCW is a great actress. That drama sucks because of the script. I am very hopeful of this new drama with her and LJK. Veteran SHJ is also a very good actor. Suzy’s haircut?… hmmm, she has more problem pretending to be an actress for the viewers imho…

  13. Just coming through to put my vote for this Lee Joon Gi, I trust.Say what you may, but he has never failed to deliver and meet expectations.Moon Chae Won..ah this unnie, I havent seen her in a while since Good Doctor.I know she can act from Innocent Man.I also hear she is sageuk princess.Just like Lee Joon Gi is sageuk prince.So,she also gets my vote of confidence.

    Overall the cast aside from LJG and MCW is stellar.We only need writer and director to be on point and our summer is set.Fighting everyone!!!

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