2017 Baeksang Award Results Reveal How Voting Fell in Each Category

The 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards is a wrap and this year’s award winners can call it a day to celebrate their walking home with an shiny trophy. The production team released the voting tallies after the ceremony and some of the categories were landslides while other’s close calls, but no matter what each category came down to 7 voters so it wasn’t a huge pool of votes. In the television group which is were I’ve actually watched nearly all the dramas, the Daesang went to Kim Eun Sook but in the voting she got 5 votes to her Goblin male lead Gong Yoo with 2 votes. Best Drama was a landslide for Dear My Friends with 5 votes, and Goblin and Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim each got 1 vote. Gong Yoo’s Best Actor win came with 4 votes, while Jo Jung Seok got 2 votes for Incarnation of Jealousy and Han Seok Kyu 1 vote in Romantic Teacher. It was the Best Actress category that was the closest, with winner Another Oh Hae Young‘s Seo Hyun Jin with 4 votes to runner up Park Bo Young‘s 3 votes as Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Other notable vote breakdowns:

Kim Min Suk swept Best New Actor (drama) with all 7 votes and Lee Se Young‘s 5 votes in Best New Actress (drama) was a strong win with Nana getting 2 votes.

Famed screenwriter No Hee Kyung’s Dear My Friends took home Best Drama but she also won Best Screenplay with 6 votes and a lone 1 vote going to Kim Eun Sook for Goblin, making me know that Kim Eun Sook’s Daesang win for Goblin was less on the writing or directing per se but on the strength of how she keeps creating massive mainstream hits that bring views and buzz.

The votes were much more spread out in the Movie group, with all the winners in each category getting 4 or even 3 votes to win.


2017 Baeksang Award Results Reveal How Voting Fell in Each Category — 12 Comments

  1. goblin maybe a great drama, but dear my friend deserve win this award. this drama so awesome,sentimental, emotional,even lee kwang soo doing great job in this drama. i love this drama.

  2. I think last year was a lot more competitive than this year. There is only 1 vote difference in many categories for TV section: DOTS over Signal in Daesang, Kim Hyesoo over Song Hyekyo for Best Actress and Yoo Ahin over Jo Jinwoong for Best Actor.

    I also think that Baeksang is the most fair and credible among the TV award giving bodies because win or loose actors attend the ceremony.

    Though, I think they tend to give more credit to movie actors for example, Jun Jihyun winning the Daesang is too much, Gong Yoo even though his a good actor, I thought Han Sukyu or Jo Jungseok deserves it better.

    • Yeah, Han Suk-kyu or Jo Jung-seok should have gotten Best Actor. Incidentally, both are very successful in Chungmuro, and their acting is undisputed. The Daesang, in recent years, seems to have been awarded more on the basis of popularity – DOTS, Goblin, My Love from the Stars, etc.

      • But the same goes for Academy awards and Emmys. No one is going to look at an incredibly well written show unless it generates some sort of hype. I feel like the Grand Award is a balance between artistic value, commercial success and cultural relavance. We can all argue how Kim Eun Sook writes very commercial scripts or how her cast are not ground-breaking great actors, but the amount of indirect revenue and cultural influence of her shows have amassed is ridiculously high. That consistency in itself is an incredible feat.

    • Agree. Han Suk Kyu could win the award based on charisma alone. Jo Jung Seok is incredible and he demonstrated wide acting range in a single role. So, I wouldn’t mind if the Best Actor gong to land on either one of them. In contrast, the Goblin character could be played by any other charming actors out there, so I don’t see in any way that Gong Yoo’s performance is that outstanding or to be deemed superior than HSK and JJS. I am not pleased with the result tbh. When you thought Baeksang is the award that merited quality over popularity, they turned out faring not much better than the big 3 TV stations. In the end, to me, Korean award system is purely just a joke.

  3. So glad that Dear My Friends won Best Drama instead of Goblin.

    Goblin may be very popular but Dear My Friends is on a different level. Congrats!

  4. Seriously, Park Bo Young getting as many votes as three and losing to Seo Hyun Jin only by ONE (1) vote confuses me.. She was so mediocre in SWDBS and she did not deserve to even get nominated for Do Bong Soon in my opinion. It should have been Seo Hyun Jin vs. Kim Ha Neul if we are talking about performaces, even PSH and KGE were more interesting and in this case even better than her.. But because this awards show was broadcasted by jtBc, of course they were going to nominate her for that mess lol. Her acting has been good in all her other projects but this is one role where I have to admit that she wasn’t good at all and she got too many accolades for nothing (yes, even nomination is a huge honor). Even if SWDBS made ratings record, it wasn’t because of her, it was because of the chemistry and Park Hyung Sik equally, but I didn’t see him getting nominated for best actor. Maybe because it’s too early to put his name next to those other actors on the nominee list?.. Which brings to this question, why did the jury even needed to give PBY so many votes…..??

  5. Jang Hyuk ?, Lee Jun Ki ? Ji sung ? Nam goong Min? … Once in my country, an actor refused the prize saying that actors shouldn’t be compared and he didn’t think that he was better than the others nominees !

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