Lee Bum Soo to Leave Superman is Back with Adorable Kid Duo So Eul and Da Eul

Great timing is as important as choosing wisely and both seem to be in abundance around K-actor Lee Bum Soo both in professional and personal life. He’s been happily married since 2010 to Lee Yoon Jin and the two are parents to adorable tots big sister So Eul and little brother Da Eul. The two kids have become household names in Korea thanks to being on the variety show Superman is Back (Superman Returns), showing the down to earth family going through life with dad working hard as an actor while mom keeps the house running smoothly. This is ending now as Lee Bum Soo has announced his tenure on the show is coming to an end, a decision that feels really timely as the kids have been in the public eye for over a year now. I’ll miss the two cherubs and thoroughly enjoyed watching their antics. So Eul and Da Eul are on the cover and pages of Milk Magazine‘s May edition which is a perfect way to send them off to returning to ordinary life.


Lee Bum Soo to Leave Superman is Back with Adorable Kid Duo So Eul and Da Eul — 7 Comments

  1. They look so lovely ! So Eul is so mature for her age I thought she was older because she takes care so well of her brother.

  2. Lee Bum Soo is leaving Superman Is Back to concentrate on his new movie Uhm Bok Dong.

    Hope his movie also starring Rain does well.

  3. I feel like it’s good that they exit. Seems like LBS was too busy to do much with his kids anyway. He’s got his career and the kids seemed to be doing things on their own too much. For example, So eul having to take care of her brother on the train twice to meet their dad.

    Just my two cents. They kids are so cute and adorable though. Soeul is too mature for her age, she’s such a good sister.

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