Dispatch Releases Sulli Dating Pictures with New Man and SM Entertainment Swiftly Confirms

I’m getting this feeling that former idol turned actress Sulli may be the Korean Kardashian, famous for being famous rather than an actual artistic talent. Perhaps her fans can point to her movie career but let’s be honest that she’s only in the news so much for her dating life and sometimes uncomfortable to look at Instagram pictures. Sulli’s back in the news this week with hot off the press Dispatch coverage that caught her on a date with a new man, three months after breaking up with her much older boyfriend Choiza of Dynamic Duo.

The new man in her life is a non-celebrity but moves in entertainment circles, being the business director of a hip hop group and investor in various businesses. His name is Kim Min Joon and reportedly was friends with Sulli for some time before it took a romantic turn two months ago. SM Entertainment has confirmed the relationship, hard not to do when Dispatch released tons of pictures. I hope she keeps on having fun with her life because it’s certainly interesting whenever she riles up netizens.


Dispatch Releases Sulli Dating Pictures with New Man and SM Entertainment Swiftly Confirms — 4 Comments

  1. She’s living life the way she sees fit. Its unfortunate that being a celeb puts you in the microscope for all to see. If this happened to a normal person…people will probably say…”good for you …for moving on.”

  2. I shake my head at the hypocrisy of people making salty comments about Sulli dating another man three months after her breakup, when many of them gave Lee Dong gun a free pass for his shotgun marriage. Live and let live I say. They’re adults. Let them live life as they see fit.

  3. Calling her the Korean version of Kim Kardashian is a little insulting. She has her own talent, she might not be the most talented celeb out there, but she was once an idol (spent years of her youth training, which she certainly should get some credit for, not calling her a talentless celeb that is only famous for scandal) and is now focusing on her own path in acting. Let the girl live her life, she doesn’t need all these comments about her personal life.

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