Tang Yan Unfortunately Fashion Flops at Louis Vuitton Show in Paris

Fashion fails come in different styles and this look on C-actress Tang Yan is one of those awkward ones that doesn’t pinpoint a culprit in any single element but combined together becomes a Franken-look. Tang Yan was at the Louis Vuitton fashion show this weekend as a guest and decked out in head to top Louis. She paired a tri-color chunky knit turtleneck inside a silky cream colored belted shirt dress finished with socked loafers with a chunky heel. If she wanted to go punk with the shoes and turtleneck that would be cute, or go lady like in the soft floaty shirt dress paired with spring delicate heels that would look classically breezy, but combining two disparate looks is like a little daughter playing dress up in mommy’s closet thinking more is better. The matte red lipstick and unmoving helmet hair doesn’t help, and smiling exactly the same turns poor Tang Yan into very unfortunately replica of her own Madame Tussaud’s wax figure. Better fashion luck next time!


Tang Yan Unfortunately Fashion Flops at Louis Vuitton Show in Paris — 19 Comments

    • Plus it is obvious that these women do not dress with the weather in mind despite the event taking place outside. Comparing Yaya’s Outfit who is sitting right beside her makes one wonder whether one is dressed for balmy summer day and the other one for Aspen.

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    • ?-Actually, this outfit seems to me a throwback to the 1960’s MOD era fashion. I am pretty sure LV probably dictated the fashion. We all know how designer brands and celebrities work.

    • Actually I think she looks not bad. If the weather was cold, she was certainly dressed sensibly yet not full-on winter clothes/ fashion while looking both edgy and girly at the same time.

  2. too much foundation and BB cream almost look like a vampire. i think that the reason for turtle neck. to cover the darker neck

  3. I honestly could not recognize that it’s Tang Yan in these pictures?! I thought I was it was the pinyin for another girl.

    That said, I like the look actually. And the boots especially, NEED.

  4. Beautiful woman.NOT beautiful outfit. So the top of her is gonna roast while her legs are cool but her her feet get toasted. ?

  5. This is what happens when a mediocre handbag company makes clothing. Most of the ladies dressed by LV unfortunately end up looking like a fashion train wreck so this could have been worse.

  6. Turtleneck in summer! The ladies next to her are dressed in slinky summer dresses and she just looks stuffy. 🙁

    The only saving grace is her beautiful face but I’m not feeling her make up either.

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