Sung Joon and Lim Ji Yeon in Talks for KBS Bar Themed Rom-com Mojito

KBS is brewing up a love and libations drama that’s right up my alley, and with a cute name for a drink I adore. Mojito is on the menu for the network and has stirred up the combination of Sung Joon and Lim Ji Yeon as the leads. The drama is about a chaebol heir who gets anxious at night and decides to open a daytime bar, with love and healing to ensue. The OTP meet at the bar and sparks fly, which sounds like your typical weekend night out as a single but in K-drama land it’s true love and with plenty of quirky swooning. Both leads are still in discussion stages but totally seem suited for this type of roles, not to mention are quite a visual match. I’m not even going to pretend the biggest elephant in the room is that both were in the drama High Society except they didn’t have a romantic love line.

Lim Ji Yeon changed my opinion of her with High Society, and it was in part due to the blazing chemistry with Park Hyung Sik. Sung Joon has chemistry with almost anyone except oddly didn’t with his HS costar UEE, and his last drama Perfect Wife ended up a perfect miss in ratings. Here’s hoping if these two sign on this drama is good and affords them the right roles to shine.


Sung Joon and Lim Ji Yeon in Talks for KBS Bar Themed Rom-com Mojito — 7 Comments

  1. Im hesitant on Im Ji Yeon – and netizens actually have mixed opinions due to her choices of mature movies. I actually miss Sung Joon and felt bad that Perfect Wife didnt work out well.

    • It’s only some people who have problem with adult oriented or R-rated movies. She gets criticism because she is actually so-so in acting. There are plenty of actresses, even newcomers, who don’t get negative reviews because they are actually good at their profession. And also, she got a major drama role straight at her drama debut and didn’t start slowly from the ’’bottom’’ and then gained credibility….

      • *I meant to say: plenty of actresses, even newcomers, who do R-rated scenes in films and they don’t get negative reviews if they’re actually good at their profession and do well in their consecutive films

      • Agree. It’s not because of her doing R-rated movie but because her acting is just so-so. Look at Kim Tae Ri. She did an R-rated movie but she earned praises for her role in it. In fact, I hope she gets a lead role in dramas. She was excellent in Handmaiden despite it being her first role.

      • @knom Yes, I almost wrote Kim Taeri as an example, because she earned praises and accolades for her performance. I don’t see her doing a drama any time soon and I actually prefer it that way because I don’t think dramas can offer anything to an actress like her. We also have to see if she does well in her consecutive projects before making further judgment. One example is Kim Go Eun, who also earned praises for her acting in ’’A Muse’’, her acting can be either hit or a miss. Personally I’ve liked her, but Goblin and Memories of the Sword were big let downs for me, while she was great in ’’A Muse’’ and ’’Coinlocker Girl’’. Anyway, Lim Ji Yeon’s debut acting was weak and awkward and it has gotten only a little better, but she’s still so-so and still having more dramas than, say, actually talented Go Ah-Sung

  2. Both are pretty bland and mediocre actors and I really wonder why they keep getting so many drama offers with so-so skills… but somehow they match pretty well together and this kind of story is suitable for them both. Oh, and Park Hyung Sik made High Society somewhat tolerable.

  3. I really liked Perfect Wife and Sung Joon was quite good in it though the two leading ladies were really the show stoppers. It doesn’t surprise me it didn’t resonate with the Korean audience, but I thought it was a lot of fun. I don’t have strong feelings about SJ one way or another. I didn’t stick around High Society (not even for the 2nd leads) because the story was blah but loved ILR III. As far as why he keeps getting offers, I think his price point is probably in a good spot and perhaps he is great to work with…who knows?

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