Kim Tae Hee 15 Weeks Pregnant and Expecting Baby with Newlywed Husband Rain

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for newlywed A-list star couple Kim Tae Hee and Rain to announce they are expecting a baby. Rain just guest starred on Lee Bum Soo’s episode of Superman Returns and affirmed his excitement to one day have a cute baby with wifey Kim Tae Hee. Of course he must’ve know already that his wife was expecting when he made that statement but it’s still so sweet as his face flooded with unbridled joy. Kim Tae Hee is currently 15 weeks along which means it’s definitely a honeymoon baby, fitting with K-netizens displeasure with shotgun marriages and desire for romantic mementos like a honeymoon baby. I’m so happy for one of my favorite K-ent couples and wishing Kim Tae Hee a healthy and happy pregnancy!


Kim Tae Hee 15 Weeks Pregnant and Expecting Baby with Newlywed Husband Rain — 11 Comments

    • why tho? Rain has perfect facial structure and teeth. kim tae hee has hooked nose and huuuuge horse teeth, also she looks older even than her age. so splease stfu

  1. Congratulations! I hope k-netz wont pressure too much the baby if the baby doesn’t become a KTH lookalike..

  2. Here I am crying about Kim Woo-bin’s cancer diagnosis and just feeling sad in general because I’ve had a lot of bad news lately– I’m grateful to get some good news for a change. I think they’re gonna be great parents. So happy for them.

  3. Talking negatively about the woman Rain loves and the future mother of his baby…will win no one points with this man. I always wonder what the person, who tears down someone’s looks, looks like themselves? Easy to hide behind typewriter keys and talk snarky.. Just saying!

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