Maldives is the Perfect Glittering Backdrop for InStyle Summer Shoot with Park Shin Hye

When a pictorial hits on all cylinders then it’s a sight to behold. Park Shin Hye in the June issue of InStyle Korea is the textbook definition of perfectly rendered fashion photography, with a generous use of a location shoot coupled with a model looking her very best. This pictorial was shot on Maldives and gives me serious travelers envy, eliciting all the excitement about summer to come with azure waters and resort living. Park Shin Hye’s very red hair contrasts marvelously with the blue and ivory backdrop, with all the various dresses eminently wearable. It doesn’t try to be too offbeat and edgy but still captures a modern playful vibe. Love it!


Maldives is the Perfect Glittering Backdrop for InStyle Summer Shoot with Park Shin Hye — 35 Comments

  1. Something seems to have changed for Park Shin Hye but can’t pinpoint what.
    Maybe she is in love…haha I hope so.

    • I agree. She has become more feminine and mature. I don’t usually like to speculate about private lives of celebrities, but if she is really in love and is being loved by someone, then all the best to them.

  2. As I have written before, the contrast in her pictorials is prominent. Compared to her Parisian look in Marie Claire and her dark ”gothic’’ look in Vogue Taiwan, she looks so fresh, sexy and vibrant here. I guess Doctors really changed her and gave her more self-confidence, based on her interviews. She seems so deep and mature about her profession and career. I truly wish she will have interesting dramas and characters ahead of her. And I hope she’ll get her recognition on time too

  3. I am not the biggest fan of Park Shin Hye, but one cannot deny how beautiful and attractive she is! Wow. I have never paid much attention to her, but she is gorgeous in this photo shoot.

  4. PSH is love. Hope she picks a good project, I prefer another movie with veteran actors. In Doctors, already proofed that she can act and compatable with KRW so it’s time to improve and evolve to a bigger star…

    • Yes… true… never again those ’’flower boys’’. These ’’flower boy’’ oppar fans and the consecutive shipper fans are a damn nuisance. I’m not her biggest fan, but I have absolutely nothing against her and she seems to be dedicated to her profession. And you’re right that Doctors proved that she can act and she had the best chemistry with KRW up to date.. I never noticed that before (although she was extremely good in her earlier work in the early 2000s, but I’m talking about dramas, where she has been a lead)

  5. Beautiful ❤️ I actually like all the different photo shoots she is in this month. This one is more summery. The photographer has done a similar shot post Pinocchio for her. However, PSH is more feminine and mature here. I love the Vogue Taiwan photo shoot too. PSH’s eyes expresses a thousand words in one of the shots.

    • I agree!
      All the photoshoots give different vibes reaffirming Park Shin Hye’s ability to transform herself in multitude of ways as required.
      Definitely, a much desired trait in any good actress!

  6. I never watch any of her drama so I never feel enamored about her. Maybe if I start watching her drama, I may become one of her fan. Is she really good? What is her good drama that you can recommend? In fairness, she’s gorgeous in a classy way.

    • My favorite dramas of her is Flower boy next door and Pinocchio. Her role in Doctors was great too but the drama isn’t for most people because it’s quite slow or realistic…

    • Personally, I would watch Tree of Heaven, You’re beautiful, FBND, Pinocchio, then go back and try to watch the first episodes of Stairway to Heaven, Don’t worry, I’m a ghost (one episode special), Miracle Cell 7 (film) and then Doctors. Watching Doctors last is recommended because you will see how PSH’s acting has evolved throughout the years. She said herself she put a lot of energy and heart into her character.

  7. She looks lovely and fresh here but my favorite pictorial of her recently is the Vogue one. Love everything about it since she hardly ever does that. So classy yet mysterious
    But what has she gotten into? She usually doesn’t have a lot of photo shoot but all the sudden… we have 3 this month. If I didn’t know I’d think she have a project to promote soon … Or we can pray

  8. Lovely all those pictures, indeed she is a natural beauty, looks so comfortable in the environment, good engagement with the nature. All her pictorials are unique. She is going on an Asia tour , start this month, first in Hong Kong on June 10. Visit her agency website S.A.L.T. Or her soompi Park Shin Hye thread, beautiful gifts for her tour(meaningful created) and many informations about her upcome activities. ( koola hope its ok to post those informations). Peace.

  9. FBI has is “most wanted people list” YOON CHOO HO the stylist is No 1 on my list. Some outfits are from him . Even if i like PSH i can’t support a stylist who tarnished the reputation of an actress , YES MY YOON EUN HYE ! Celebrities continue to wear his creations !!!

    • So you want everyone to stop wearing his clothes because his issue with YEH?
      I like YEH, but she is the one that made a mess of herself in that situation. If only she could have handled it better….
      I’m not saying the designer.stylist has no fault. Just if she were smarter and could have had handled it better, the situation wouldn’t be this way

      And it’s ridiculous to expect other to stop support the stylish just because YEH fans dislike him.

      • The designer made a fuss and didn’t take a legal lawsuit ! And if i was a celebrity i ‘ll stop supporting him . he could have contact YEH beforehand ! Do you know about Natalie Portman / John Galliano ? Well Park Shin Hye is not Natalie Portman !

      • When you work with a celebrity , you don’t attack her via social media before discuting the matter with her privately. It’s what i call “work ethics”. In my workplace , if i have a problem with someone, i discuss about it with him and don’t go badmouthing all around. That’s all.

      • @Cahill
        Lol, you’re acting like PSH has complete freedom in this pictorial over what designer is dressing her. You’re actually blaming her for wearing that designer’s clothes? Why don’t you blame her for wearing Dolce&Gabbana, because they made racist mammy designs. Also, criticize her for wearing Chanel. Coco Chanel was a known anti-semite, but after WW2 Coco Chanel has been really quiet about her vies. She is wearing whatever InStyle editors want her to wear lol.

        And YEH maybe, perhaps, peut-etre, wasn’t as innocent as you think in this case. Also Natalie Portman is Israeli jewish. John Galliano literally said he loved Hitler. OF COURSE SHE WOULD BE DUMB TO EVER SUPPORT HIM. You’re actually comparing John Galliano, an anti-semite, to Yoon Choo Ho? Did you lose your brain somewhere??

      • @Gilgit, perhaps, peut être, i’m speaking with my heart and not my brain. But i know who NPortman is! But my meaning wasn’t about PSH. Just the fact that this man stills working with big names in sKorea and YEH was given the bad role. And yes a big star can choose or not to make a photoshoot !

      • @cahill
        Why should she refuse an entire photoshoot because of one designer who had feud with YEH is displaying his clothes in InStyle magazine? It’s not like he is a mega-criminal. If YEH wanted to revive her career, she just needed to apologize and choose a great drama.

      • Why should PSH not work with him when she weren’t you- who is a YEH fan? LOL You are funny to think people should do what you want and think the same as you. I think the whole Korea would have issue with how YEH handled it than the designer and I don’t blame them.
        Plus PSH has no control on everything. She is getting paid for doing this and worked with people paid to do so.
        PSH isn’t Natalie Portman but she isn’t YEH either. She is clearly smarter if you read her interviews or listen to how her handled her question or issues.

        You aren’t a fan? LOL what is a joke. That’s why you commenting so much on YEH’s article and wish all celebrities don’t support this designer? LOL. Besides YEH’s fans I don’t see anyone act like that.

      • @ana I said : if it was me ! So i’m not saying that people should think the sama as me . I was giving my personal feeling. Why ? Can’t i. Why are you saying PSH is smarter than YEH ?
        @Gilgit Apologize for what ?

    • @cahill – have you heard of Karl Lagerfeld/Meryl Streep? YEH should have fought back if she was being wrongfully accused, did she?

      • @candycane, yes i heard about it. But YEH is a too religious ( for my taste) and forgiving person . She was the 1st Kactress to work With park Shi Hoo after his scandal , she was there when JJHoon made his first movie after his drug scandal,… I ‘ve never seen korean actresses to risk so much to give a 2nd chance to people. Not like the ones who let down their “pseudo friends” when they ‘re involved in scandals! But i’m not like her !!!

      • @cahill YEH is saint and everyone else is demon that only harm her? Including PSH is horrible person to work with a designer that gave YEH a bad name. How dare she do that to queen YEH? If people don’t know they might think PSH and YEH are bffs and PSH betrayed her for taking this pictorial

        And, certainly you aren’t YEH’s fan 🙂
        Have a good day!

      • @ Ana, i never said that YEH is a saint., that PSH is an horrible person ! My English is pretty bad so it’s understanble if you didn’t get my meaning. But one thing is sure you’re a big fan of PSH. I tend to defend people who were treated unfairly ! And my opinion it’s the case for YEH. Yes i’m found of her but i don’t like the word “fan” . Being a fan is a commitment that i’ve never made for everyone.

      • @ To Gilgit , @ Ana Can we agree with the fact that both are beautiful and talented ? And stop there our little argument ? I shouldn’t have bring the topic of Yoon Cho Ho to begin with. I have always seen everything with PSH and YEH ,and i recognize that i made a fuss about something without importance. Sorry , wish the best for both actresses.

    • I really like the 1st few episode of Doctors. It really showed PSH can be anything if she put her mind into it.
      You should check it out even for those younger days of her character.

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