First Romantic Teaser Shows Nam Joo Hyuk with His Bride of the Water God Shin Se Kyung

While both Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung are undeniably very beautiful human beings, they really don’t look like the living equivalents of their characters in the manhwa Bride of the Water God. It’s mostly due to the illustrative style being overly florid but juxtaposing the drawn visuals with the drama leads in the first teaser emphasizes the visual disconnect. Nam Joo Hyuk looms over Shin Se Kyung as they are bathed in the soft street lamp under spring blooms, but he seems like her younger brother type and her a pretty office lady getting a confession from the dongsaeng at work. They do make a gorgeous tableau and maybe that’s enough to check this drama out when it premieres the first week of July on tvN.

Bride of the Water God 2017:


First Romantic Teaser Shows Nam Joo Hyuk with His Bride of the Water God Shin Se Kyung — 12 Comments

  1. Excited to have Shin Se Kyung back on small screen. Her sageuk acting is actually good. Nam Joo Hyuk.. I hope he can live up to Ha-Baek. He’s come a long way from School 2015 and CITT. The power of his agency I guess…

  2. I like the height difference, he is so tall! 🙂
    I love both actors and will be waiting for this. Lucky for me that I never read the manhwa so I’m not concerned about how similar they are, and only thinking of enjoying what they have to offer. Hopefully it will be good and fun 😀

  3. That’s true.. they don’t look like their manhwa counterparts at all… but I haven’t read it, so I think I’ll enjoy the drama. Looking forward to it.

  4. She does look older… maybe her ponytail hairstyle? Why can’t they make her hair long and flowy like the drawing?? She is in real life older by 3 years, small difference…

    • Yeah, I would’ve made her hair longer and had her wear more girly dresses to at least have that fragile fairyesque look

  5. I have read the manhwa but I’m not too bothered by the way they look, pretty much impossible to have a real person looking like the illustrations. I’m looking forward to the narrative though, the writer is behind Misaeng and the PD from Nine and Queen Inhyun’s Man, all series I loved.

  6. Mmmmm I love the manhwa but not the drama, since TvN anounced the drama will not be a fusion-sageuk I think they remove all the magical and beauty of the story 🙁

  7. i feel i need to say something that may be obvious.
    when adapting from other material, non original there is a matter of copyright
    which mean the author or the original source has a say in what can be changed and what cannot be changed
    just like in sensory couple the manwha author demanded they change the name to the original “the girl who sees smells”.
    so if they even just use the names of characters and similar background they have to keep the reference to the original,
    so they can change whatever the author of the manwha is allowing them.
    i did try to read the manwha bc of the drama and couldnt read more than acouple of chapters
    as a huge fan of SSK i would have watched it anyway
    but i for one am very happy that it will be different than the original

    • It actually all depends on the contract and what the author sold. So there is not just a cookie cutter contract where the creator have full creative authority.
      If the creator sold most of his/her authority rights to this adaptation, then he/she might not have a say at all at how the direction of the production will go.
      Anyways, Nam Joo Hyuk has that “IT” factor, where he seems to steal the show on most of his dramas. Shin Se Kyung is very pretty, but for some reason, she doesn’t hold my attention much…really really tried to finish the drama with her and Song Seung Heung, but I just couldn’t, even with two beautiful leads.

      • although that is true when overseas material is concern in adapting writing into visual sound (tv movie) it is different bc in manwha for example the drama can draw more readers for the written material therefor it is actually very important to them that the names of characters and of course the manwha will stay the same, that the audience of the drama will have it easy finding the original material
        as i pointed out the name change in ‘the girl who sees smells’.
        but when you adapt from a different country than it is obvious that the target audience and different habits can demand changes and that is according to the contract and what the original creator mind changing.
        but again it is pretty obvious that for a manwha writer the name is very important.
        when you wrote “if the creator sold most…” if this is a new material then they can do whatthey want but if it is already a known and popular or famous then there is also the issue of cultural capital and the author can sue even if he sold all the rights bc it is an established work
        so it is better for the production to go according to the author “feelings” in this case.
        as for SSK to each his own
        although i watched kdrama here and there ive never finished any except for SSK dramas which again i watch just for her. i was extremely surprised when i learned that she was born and raised in SK, to be honest.
        im not a kdrama fan, so if not for SSK i would have never watched any,they are not my genre. i didnt watch any of NJH dramas till recently when i watched a couple of eps from school 2015 and and his latest one bc i knew he was opposite SSK, and he was ok.
        again to each his own

  8. I really wanted them to cast according to visual of the characters lol I was trying to fancast Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim So Eun because of visuals but I wasn’t disappointed with these two– my only irk is that I wanted her to have her long hair for sure wah

  9. I’ve already read the manhwa.. and i wanna ask.. What do you think the main reason why the manhwa getting so popular?
    1) The DRAWINGS is so beautiful n mesmerizing, 2) the PLOT is interesting.. so surely, for me, its kinda dissapointing to see these poor casting choice for this drama.. obviously SSK is not suitable for being the main leading lady.. something about her is OFF.. dont like her.. at least make her use a wig ? *sigh.. no use to complain.. lets just enjoy the drama.. ?

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