Park Shi Hoo and UEE Cast for KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life

The passage of time doesn’t just dim the memory, it also ushers in fresher events to the forefront. Popular stars can become unpopular if too long passes before another hit, and scandal-plagued stars can usually count on newer scandals to occupy the public mind. In the five years since Park Shi Hoo was embroiled in allegations of sexual misconduct, he’s tried one K-drama comeback with OCN‘s Neighborhood Hero but that didn’t return him to the limelight. He is working his way back so from cable he’s headed to a big three network for a weekend drama – he’s signed on as the leading man for KBS weekend drama My Golden Life, and his female lead is already cast and will be idol-actress UEE, who recently made the news for officially leaving her idol group After School. SNSD‘s Yuri acted opposite Park Shi Hoo for Neighborhood Hero and it was no biggie so I’m not expecting any furor over this casting other than curious to see if the weekend drama ahjumma audience will have the appetite for seeing Park Shi Hoo onscreen for 50 episodes.

My Golden Life will take over for Father is Strange at the end of August, and the drama is from the screenwriter Seo Hyung Kyung behind the hit My Daughter Seo Young, and buzzy dramas 49 Days, Two Weeks, and Second Time Twenty Again. She also wrote Prosecutor Princess which made a lot of drama fans fall for Park Shi Hoo so I see where the connection for his casting comes from. Directing is PD Kim Hyung Suk of Oh My Venus and My Husband Got a Family.


Park Shi Hoo and UEE Cast for KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life — 41 Comments

  1. Well, I sure don’t have the appetite to see him on my screen. Pass.

    I wish the drama would have decent ratings though, because hundreds of people will surely overwork for this.

  2. The first few lines tho :p Koala preaching.

    Hope UEE gains weight, her thighs were goals, dont know why she lost so much.

  3. I like the writer. But am ambivalent about UEE after watching her in 3 dramas. Add in PSH and I am passing it too. Can’t even support him as a fan so what is the point? I don’t even want to see his face.

  4. pass for me as well.

    can’t help but feel sad for the double standard though. it seems like the entertainment world is so much more forgiving to males than females. park shi hoo is able to return to acting despite a much more graver offense, but i haven’t heard any news about dahee (of glam).

    • I agree. Double standards. Women do recover less well than men. If at all! I love Dahee’s voice and rooted for her character Nana in Monstar. Her singing in ep. 6 is heart breaking (cover of “Swamp”).

  5. i too will not watch it but mark my words,his scandal will not affect the ratings in korea if the drama is great.the world is not that fair.

    the best punishment he can receive is by various tv stations preventing him from ever appearing on their screens so by ignoring his scandal and casting him esp public tv station.

    it will now depend on how good the drama actually is to determ its fate esp. since its free to watch on air.

  6. Such good scriptwriter and kbs weekend drama is a must watch but why cast UEE whose pronounciation is so bad and this sex


  7. In light of the recent sexual celebrity scandals of the past year, I won’t be surprised if the public is simply numb to his presence. A lot will depend on how well written and interesting the script is, than his past scandal. For instance, I’ve read comments on how disappointed fans were that Lee Jin Wook declined the offer to star in Seven Day Queen, and his scandal is more recent. So it appears that the public will eventually move on. I’ll keep an eye on the ratings of this drama though I’m not particularly interested in watching it, myself. My reason is that I don’t quite buy UEE as a leading lady although I love her in some of her projects – she just doesn’t look very healthy.

      • I’m sorry how is it that LJW’s case is any different than PSH? Both actors were accused of sexual assault. The level of unconsciousness of the alleged victims does not make one assault less violent than the other or make an offender less guilty.

      • @Selene

        You want to know the difference?
        In Lee Jin Wook’s case, the woman admited that she made a false claim and she got charged for that. While in this guy’s case, the case was just dropped. No explanation. They did a settlement outside of the court.

  8. There are so many good actor this days
    Sigh.. When you are that rich.
    I dont want to see him.
    Make me lose faith in humanity.
    The law is only for the ones who cant afford it.
    Want to pull some “LOOKOUT” on his ass

  9. Shi hoo is the best actor. I love shi hoo. I hope that he will received this drama. I want to see his drama.Fighting oppa!

  10. I’m not a fan of week-end drama anyway. It’s always the big villains who won until the last two episodes and they’re forgiven because they all live in the world of Care Bears.

    But Procuror Princess was really good and the chemestry between the leads incredible ! I miss it.

  11. I’m not sure how I feel about this news… I love UEE and I used to love Park Shi Hoo… Let’s hope the supporting actors and actresses are good.

  12. KBS weekend dramas are almost always ratings gold so this is pretty much handing him a free pass to clean his image. His conduct during the scandal was off-putting enough that I know I won’t watch this.

  13. sounds like a lot of i-fans here watch weekend dramas? 50 episodes are too long for me… I never like PSH… I will pass. Although I like UEE, I will wait for her next weekday k-drama 🙂

  14. IT would’ve been better if they let him start off as supporting or third or second lead.. cause him being the first lead is so distasteful to me still.. it’s like after everything he can still get lead roles anyways.. I don’t know.. not watching for sure but feel bad for the cast if it does poorly..

  15. She was awesome in her previous drama, honestly you never know what a person is going through. No one knows the reason for her drastic weightloss and maybe she is fighting hard to gain back. A lot of Netizens are insensitive to Uee regarding that.

    I am also one of the rare few people who still love PSH and I’m excited to see him again on screen.

  16. Uee must have a great management company or something because she seems to get cast pretty regularly as a lead when actresses with much more talent are still relegated to supporting roles. She’s really lucky. I personally don’t care for her as an actress and PSH still leaves a bad impression, so I will definitely pass on this one.

  17. Will pass too. He may not be found guilty but he is not competely innocent either. Sex with girl while she is drunk or not drunk does not sit well on me at all. She is so young too…

  18. you know,entertainment industry is so complicated….so i won’t judge him.not only him but anybody else.(actor or actress).hope it’s gonna be a good drama

  19. PSH is a no no for me. I simply can’t get over the fact that he had sex with an unconsious person without consent. It is hard for me to consentrate on the character he is acting. And it is not like he is the only actor out there so I’ll choose another drama.

  20. I hope UEE will reject this casting offer. I like her in Ojakgyo Brothers with Joo won..but with PSH…meeh, bye.

  21. Park Shi-hoo is a very talented actor. I will be watching and am so hoping this will be a hit for all concerned. I don’t ‘know’ the absolute truth of what happened those years ago. What I ‘do’ know, is that setting up k idols and kpop stars is like a dirty team-sport in S. Korea. There was enough questionable about that whole incident that people shouldn’t judge. Too, just how long should this incident hold him hostage and prevent him from making a living? Enough already. If you weren’t there, to judge is to base on the ‘oh so reliable’ pd working alongside the media rags as to what is truth. Chincha? Suh.

  22. The huge number of comments about this forthcoming drama proves once again that Park Shi Hoo still causes much interest. Thereis no indiffefence to him,this is for sure! None of the articles posted after issuance of the present news created so many comments, even for the dramas that people are very much looking forward, as koala wrote. I do wish success to Park Shi Hoo. He deserves it after the long break.

  23. Not fun with UEE coz lack in acting but I still would like to watch it. PSH is talented actor. I don’t mind his scandal bcoz why the man would take all the spit from people judging him without a doubt. I am a woman too but don’t want to drink specially with man. Charged rape case but the victim aspiring actress dropped the case, hmm why????ah it didn’t worked at all because the thruth will prevail afterall….Well goodluck to all of them..I will still watch it even to pay monthly in Viki.

  24. I will watch this drama as I support PSH! Hope PSH will succeed in this drama. The sexual assault case is full of doubtful points. Maybe it was a trap for PSH. An entertainment industry is not as simple as we think. It is full of dirty work.

    “Meanwhile, the head of Park’s former agency denied collaborating with the woman to bring the actor down. He vowed to take legal steps to prove his innocence.

    Park had accused the CEO of trying to take revenge on him for leaving the agency that made him a star.”

  25. I have never lost my trust in Park Si Hoo and I am just happy he will back in this family drama “My Golden Life”. It promises to be a good drama and Park Si Hoo is the best actor for playing Choi Do Kyung. He has been too long absent for false accusations from people who would bring him down.

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